Eiddz: is a creature who possesses Aids it has to have the name Eiður to be called EIDDZ and does not have to have the virus Aidz. Eiddz often has a pair of glasses and does not compute. it is often found in a civic near blue houses or underground parking lots in a Bavarian Motor Works. it's a creature of the night and does very rarely come out in the day. Eiddz likes to smoke and it likes also to bully cats. when you see an Eiddz you have 2 choices. 1. join the underground society and be an Eiddz follower. or 2. run like hell. Eiddz often has one friend who is a creature named Hillzenegger, that creature is a jog-freak, and is never seen by human eyes except in the gym or around Eiddz followers. the creature Eiddz hates the paprika monster and the paprika religion. Eiddz is in the awesome-religion and that religion is about being awesome (osom). there are 5 commitments in the Awesome-religion: 1. to be awesome at all circumstances. 2. never use the awesome powers in public. 3. use awesomeness on girls at all time no matter what happens. 4. realize that the Hillzenegger monster will never be as awesome as an EiddZ. 5. never leave a BRO hanging.

the sacred food of an Eiddz follower is a Pizza and Booze. to be an Eiddz follower you have to be in the awesome-religion. to join our religion and the eiddz follower, email us at: awesomereligion@gmail.com
'' when i think about what's worse for society, cigarettes or porn, i think to myself; damn, i need a drink.''