Stranger: Hi
You: hello thar
Stranger: argh
You: asl ?
Stranger: what it dew
You: say whaat?
Stranger: I came in the door, I said it before
You: what door ?
Stranger: the back door
Stranger: the only door worth fucking with
You: ok, i only like the front door
You: mér finnst gaman í skólanum!
Stranger: Jew killer?
You: lol im from iceland
Stranger: oh word
Stranger: Ever heard of steed lord
Stranger: fuck with em
You: yeah
You: my name is hannah montana and i love wow
Stranger: hannah montana is really a dude
You: omg really , last time i saw her i was pretty sure she was chick
Stranger: Its a trick
Stranger: she has a giant cock
You: ur mom has a giant cock
You have disconnected.

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