Jójó, þetta er smá saga sem ég og Brynjar (oRiley) skrifuðum saman þegar okkur leiddist á msn. Hann er “Ishida” og ég er “L”.
og VARÚÐ ef ykkur er illa við rolling eyes smiley-a ekki lesa þetta! En já … enjoy! 8-)

Ishida: Soo, tell me. What is up with you my man? :00
You still air surfing? :00
L: Till the day I die my man :00
wasn't it hard for you to quit man? 8-):00
Ishida: Not really :00
I just started to find the whole process to be dull by the time what passed :00
L: Dude! Air surfing is life! ::A
Ishida: Yeaaa … Maybe I'll start again sometime :H
L: There's a tournament this weekend, and I've signed us both up 8-)
Ishida: The next weekend? 8-)
Woah … I've not practiced in ages
L: Well you better start practising man, I hear all the big dogs are coming to compete 8-)
Ishida: Oh yeah? 8-)
I best pick up the ol' airsurfboard and head on down to the training center
L: Yeah man, you don't wanna embarris yourself in front of everyone 8-)
Especially your kids 8-)
Ishida: No, I don't want that 8-)
L: How old are they again? 8-)
Ishida: I'm …. 27 8-)
L: I know that dummy, we graduated from … Toho … University together, but how old are your kids? 8-)
Ishida: Ah, yes, my kids 8-)
Well … Theresa is 7 and Norman is 12 8-)
L: Wow, are they that old already? Man they grow up so fast don't they? 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
I remember when I was just … 15 when me and my wife had Normie 8-)
L: Yes, you were always very mature for your age … me and the guys always knew you'd be the first one to have a wife and kids and settle down 8-)
Ishida: Yeee … Sometimes I wonder if I was maybe too young, y'know? 8-)
L: Yeah, you never got to do some of the things you always wanted to do … like air surf with me around the world 8-)
Ishida: Yeah … Maybe I should just take a break from that life and join you in your trip 8-)
L: You totally should man! Just me and you and the open road! It'll be the way we always dreamed. But I imagine Penny won't be too happy about you just leaving 8-)
Ishida: She'll understand … She always understands … She's just as crazy as me with this thing … But, she has family to take care of now 8-)
L: Yeah I guess. But so wait … are you gonna come with? Right after the tournament! We could just leave! 8-)
Ishida: I think I'll join up with you
L: Man that is awesome! 8-)
Ishida: Leave and not tell a soul about it? 8-)
L: You're not even gonna tell Penny and the kids? 8-)
Ishida: I will … 8-)
But … We are entering the tournament? 8-)
L: Too late to back down now, I signed us both up yesterday! 8-)
Ishida: Ah, jolly good the 8-)
L: Yes, it starts at 11 o' clock early tommorrow, don't be late! I hope you haven't lost your touch 8-)
Ishida: I sure hope not 8-)
L: So I'm gonna go pack my bags for our big trip, see you at the tournament tomorrow 8-)
Ishida: Yes … I'll go do the same 8-)
*at 10:30 the next morning* 8-)
L: Hey man! 8-)
Ishida: Oh, hey 8-)
L: So what did Penny say? She cool about this? 8-)
Ishida: I had to talk her into it 8-)
But … She was cool about it 8-)
L: Ah! That's excellent! … just excellent! 8-)
So you nervous? The tournament is about to start 8-)
Ishida: Maybe a little bit 8-)
I stayed up all night training 8-)
L: Yeah me too, oh look there's Airy Joe! He's the champion of Ohio in air surfing 8-)
Ishida: He's likely to beat us all they say 8-)
L: We'll show him, c'mon it's about to start. Let's get ready 8-)
*gets ready* 8-)
*the tournament starts* 8-)
*air surf* 8-)
Ishida:*air surfs*
L: *we win* Yeeeah man, we rocked! Just like the old days! 8-)
Ishida: Woah! That was awesome!
L: In your face Joe!
Joe: Shut up man I just had a bad start and … stuff /sad
Ishida: Oh, we sure showed him! 8-)
L: That we did! C'mon let's go celebrate at Fiona's beach bar before we start our journey! 8-)
Ishida: *celebrates* 8-)
L: *makes out with Fiona* woah 8-)
Ishida: Go man go! 8-)
L: Well it's getting pretty late, we better leave now 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
L: *starts air surfing journey* 8-)
Ishida: *journey starts* 8-)
Soo … Where are we heading first? 8-)
L: Well I was thinking we go south to memphis, and then the road leads up from there to Texas and through the grand canyon. You up for that? 8-)
Ishida: Yeah … Sure 8-)
Sounds great 8-)
L: I think so 8-) *is suddenly abducted by a bald eagle* 8-)
Ishida: Oh noes! 8-)
*air surfs after him*
*catches you* 8-)
L: Ah! Thanks man! I thought I was a goner for sure! 8-)
Ishida: No prob man 8-)
L: Yeah, so let's continue our journey. Sorry for the delay 8-)
Ishida: Yes, good 8-)
No problem man 8-)
L: *air surfs onwards* 8-)
Ishida: *follows* 8-)
L: Woah! It sure is hot here out in the desert … did we bring any water? 8-)
Ishida: Yes, I think we got a couple of bottles 8-)
L: Can I have one? I'm dying here 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
*hands you a bottle* 8-)
L: *drinks* Ah! *spits out* Dude! This is gasoline! 8-)
Ishida: oh, sorry, wrong bottle 8-)
*hands you the one labeled “water”* 8-)
L: … thanks! *drinks*
Ahh! Refreshing!
Ishida: Sooo … We'll continue? 8-)
Head on down to the south maybe? 8-)
L: Yes, we have to get too memphis by dark. These deserts are hot by day but freakishly cold at night. We'll die 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
We probly should 8-)
L: Let's see … it's five o'clock, that gives us about four hours until it gets really cold. So let's go my man! *air surfs onwards* 8-)
Ishida: *air surfs* 8-)
L: *some hours pass*
Ah! Look I see Memphis 8-)
Ishida: *we arrive in Dallas for some reason* 8-)
L: Wait a minute … *brings out map* … this isn't right … 8-)
Ishida: no, it certainly is not 8-)
L: I think … I think we may have made a wrong turn somewhere 8-)
Ishida: Yes, we must've 8-)
L: Well I suppose we must find ourselves a motel of some sort musn't we? 8-)
Ishida: I think that would be most wise 8-)
L: Look there's one … but it doesn't look very .. pleasant! *points to an old “hrörlegt” motel* 8-)
Ishida: No … It's like … All “worn out” 8-)
L: Yeah … well I don't see anything else so maybe we should just sleep there tonight 8-)
Ishida: There must be another motel in this district 8-)
L: Let's ask this strange looking fella over there! Excuse me good man ..?
Fella: Yes, can I help you *is missing two fingers and a eye* 8-)
L: Yes me and my friend here were just wondering if you could maybe tell us if there are any other motels than this one there here in this district? 8-)
Fella: Yes … There is one
It's right down this street *points* Then you take a left at Lexington Boulevard until you see a Starbucks, then take a right … And far in that street there's a motel 8-)
L: Very well, thank you kind man. We'll go there 8-)
*air surfs* 8-)
Ishida: *doesn't find the motel* 8-)
L: Damn it! Where is that bloody motel! I'm gonna kill that fella! 8-)
Ishida: Oh wait … Didn't he say take RIGHT at the Starbucks? 8-)
Didn't we take a left? 8-)
L: Oh yeah … maybe we did. Let's turn back 8-) *some evil looking guys on motorcycles start driving in circles around us* 8-)
Ishida: Oh, crap! 8-)
Guy on motorcycle: Gimme your money punks! 8-)
Ishida: Nowai man!
*air surfs upwards and over them*
*air surfs around them* *escape*
L: *5* Yeah man!
Ishida: Hell yeah! *5*
L: *starts laughing* that was fun 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
L: Oh look there's the motel! C'mon let's sign us in 8-)
Ishida: *signs us in* 8-)
L: *goes into room* 8-)
Well … goodnight 8-)
Ishida: See you tomorrow 8-)
L: Yeah, pleasant dreams 8-)
Ishida: 8-)
L: *has a heart attack in his sleep and dies* 8-)
Ishida: *hears the noises*
Nooo! *cpr*
L: Ugh … tell Fiona I … love her … *passes away* 8-)
Ishida: I won't let you die!! *revives you* 8-)
L: Ah! … thanks man … looks like I live after all 8-)
Ishida: Good 8-)
Glad you're still here 8-)
L: Yeah me too man … me too 8-)
*is beamed up by aliens* 8-)
Nooo! 8-)
Ishida: *is beamed up* 8-)
L: Dude that's heavy! … we're inside a space ship! 8-)
Alien: *says something about eating us alive in an alien language* 8-)
L: I didn't understand that … but … it doesn't sound very nice at all! 8-)
Dude we have to get out of here somehow 8-)
Ishida: Yes … We need a plan 8-)
L: An air surf plan … *whispers some plan in your ear and smiles* 8-)
Ishida: Ah … I like this plan 8-)
Ishida: *activates plan* 8-)
L: *it works* *we escape and air surf to the ground* 8-)
Ishida: Yeah! 8-)
We're saved yet again 8-)
L: Captured by aliens eh? Some adventure that was … 8-)
Ishida: Yes … You think anyone will believe us? 8-)
L: Probably not … we might wanna keep this a secret between us two, otherwise people will think we're crazy 8-)
Ishida: Yes … That would be most wise 8-)
L: I can't go back to sleep now … you wanna maybe just keep air surfing? 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
L: *air surfs* 8-)
Ishida: *air surfs along* 8-)
L: *stops suddenly* … do you hear that? 8-)
Ishida: Hear what? 8-)
L: That music … it's … it's coming from behind those bushes! Let's take a look! 8-)
Ishida: *takes a look*
L: It's a band … rehearsing! Hey guys why are you out here rehearsing in the middle of the night? 8-)
Band: *mumble something about warewolfs* 8-)
L: I see … well it was nice talking to you guys … we're just gonna … go now. Take care 8-)
Ishida: *steps back slowly, then start to run* 8-)
L: Fhew! Glad we're outta there! What a strange group 8-)
Ishida: Yes 8-)
L: Well … onwards we go! *air surfs* 8-)
Ishida: *follows* 8-)
Oh, crap! *hits a tree*
L: Oh no! You alright man? 8-)
Ishida: Yeah, I think so 8-)
L: What's that tree doing there in the middle of the road anyways? 8-)
Ishida: I don't know 8-)
*looks back, the tree isn't there anymore* 8-)
Woah, …. Strange 8-)
L: Oooh! I've heard about those kinds of trees! … they're called Travelin' trees! They're supposed to be very rare! 8-)
Ishida: Ah, that's …. That's just weird 8-)
L: Yeah but what are you gonna do? 8-) C'mon there's no use sticking around here *air surfs but hits the tree*
… ouch 8-)
Ishida: Darn tree 8-)
L: It's trying to stop us from going further for some reason 8-)
Ishida: *chops the tree down* 8-)
L: There! Now it shouldn't be a problem anymore 8-)
*air surfs*
Ishida: *air surfs* 8-)
*a few days go by* 8-)
L: So … where are we now? 8-)
Ishida: I do not know 8-)
We might be in Chile, but I don't know 8-)
L: Hmm … that dude over there looks kinda … asian … do you think we went too far? 8-)
Ishida: I don't know 8-)
Oh, now I know where we are 8-)
*points to a really big sign, saying “Welcome to Cuba” * 8-)
Yes, we're pretty much screwed 8-)
L: Hot damn … that map is just no good *throws it away* 8-)
Ishida: 8-)
L: 8-)
Ishida: Yes … what now? 8-)
L: Well .. if we take that road there … we should end up in … Hawai where we started! We will have gone around the world! 8-)
Ishida: Not really though 8-)
We'd just been to Dallas and Cuba 8-)
And … Somewhere in between 8-)
L: Yeah I don't really remember that part … strange 8-)
Oh well 8-)
Ishida: No, me neither 8-)
L: Do you think those aliens did something to us perhaps? 8-)
Ishida: Could be 8-)
*Madame Florice's institution for the insane*
Doctor: So has there been any change in those two air surfing guys in room 217? 8-)
Other Doctor: No, none at all 8-)
Doctor: Poor bastards … *opens door to room 217 and two guys are sitting there in straight jackets*
L: Let us air surf hooome!
Ishida: What the hell are we doing herE?
Doctor: Omg! You … my good sir … are crazy! You and your friend have never been … air surfing … you have been here all along 8-)
Ishida: What? That can't be!
What about my wife and kids?
Doctor: You mean doctor Penny and her two sidekicks that take care of you? They aren't your family 8-)
Ishida: No! I remember them quite well 8-)
We had two kids, Theresa and Norman 8-)
Doctor: You're a hopeless case … Doctor Theresa! Doctor Norman! Get in here! *they enter* See?
Ishida: Oh … I guess I've been wrong 8-)
*Everyone leaves* 8-)
L: What's wrong man .. you seem so … strange 8-) Shall we continue air surfing?
Ishida: Naw … we never did air surf 8-)
L: What? … are you alright? … 8-)
Ishida: We've been in here for the past two years 8-)
Can't you remember?
L: No .. I … what? 8-)
Ishida: It's all in our heads! Don't you see? We can't air surf … There's no such thing
L: You're being crazy man … you've forgotten what air surfing is really all about. It's about freedom! … freedom man! 8-)
Ishida: Air surfing is just a lie! All of this!
none of it ever happened
L: I .. I can't live with that knowledge … I … goodbye *suicide*

I'm a winner, I'm a sinner. Do you want my autograph?