fann síðu um daginn… mjög áhugaverð :)
en ég nennti ekki að þýða svooo here you go ^^

If you are female, there is a lot of things you probably don't know about guys' bathroom habits. Guys do lots of weird things in there and I wanted to compile a list of all of them. Any suggestions, post them on the message board or email me or keep it for yourself so you can add something extra when plagiarize this article in your blog.
1. The urinal buffer zone - Guys will often stand one urinal away from the next guy when going in a public bathroom. Is it because we are scared we may look over at another guy's johnson or do we not want to get the urine of others splashed all over our pants? Nobody knows.
2. The race - Sometimes I will flush the toilet right as I start to pee. I try to race the toilet to see if I can finish peeing before the water completely flushes.
3. The porcelain mute - While peeing, if you aim for the porcelain inside the toilet instead of the water, it makes a lot less noise. Does everyone do this or am I just weird?
4. The soap puck - When peeing in a urinal that has one of those pink soap bars at the bottom, it is fun to pee on the edge of it to make it move. I don't know why.
5. The little kids ass - Usually little kids don't know how to use the zipper or the little hole through underwear, so they'll pull their pants all the way down to their ankles when using a urinal. So often times, you'll walk into the bathroom and get an eye full of some little kid's ass.
6. Watering the plants - When peeing outside near a plant, I don't usually pee just around the plant or at the base of it. For some reason I feel a strange urge to cover the entire plant in urine… no idea why.
7. The melt - When peeing in a urinal that has ice in it, it is (for some reason) fun to see how much ice you can melt before you're finished.

Alright… well, that's all I can think of right now.


I got a bunch of emails from people who had some things to add. Here are a few of the better ones:
here's one for your strange things guys do in the bathroom. Once you have starting peeing you have to fill in all the gaps that the stream creates. At least i do anyway. - Dave

I'll usually try to angle my urine so that itsplashes against the inside top of the urinalwhere the “flush” comes out. That way I can seean almost solid yellow line come down in awaterfall fashion in fron of the clean water whenI flush…you say odd…I say imaginative. - Travis

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