Ég horfði á fyrir einstaka tilviljun á nýjan þátt sem var sýndur nú í bandarísku sjónvarpi í vikunni, hann heitir Invasion.

Þetta eru nýjir SciFi þættir, og eru í svona drama/action/thriller ívafi.

Svo ég sé ekki að þýða beint einhvern enskan texta, þá er hér stutt kynning á þessum þættum:

Man has searched the skies for centuries and has never come up with conclusive evidence to prove the existence of other forms of intelligent life. What if we have been looking in the wrong place? What if there were other forms of intelligent life already living among us? What if perceived natural disasters were really diversions created to conceal clandestine alien activities?

When a small town at the edge of the Florida Everglades is threatened by a raging hurricane, U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon must go to great lengths to protect the small community and his family safe. During the storm his young daughter claims to have seen mysterious lights, seemingly unaffected by the gale-force winds, floating near the water. Varon dismisses the sighting, but begins to wonder if there really was some truth to the story after his missing ex-wife turns up naked and her memory of the storm is completely gone.

While the community begins to clean up after the storm and piece their lives back together, Varon begins to investigate the strange happenings as he tries to make sense of what is happening.

Einungis er búið að sýna einn þátt, og lofar hann góðu. Hvet ykkur SciFi hungraða að kíkja á hann ;)