Helen Daniels Ég veit að það er langt síðan en ég bara verð. Man einhver eftir Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy)??? Á einhver síðasta þáttinn með henni þar sem hún hætti. En hún var sú sem var búinn að vera lengst í grönnum (frá upphafi 1985 - 1997) hún varð að hætta vegna heilsu. Ég er búinn að fylgjast með grönnum frá upphafi (næstum) og sá virkilega eftir henni. Finnst það einhverjum öðrum en mér að leikarar í grönnum tolla frekar stutt?

Ef einhver man eftir henni að þá bjó hún hjá Phil og hans fjölskyldu og var held ég eithvað skyld Joe og Pheobe sem voru þarna fyrir löngum tíma. Hún var alltaf rödd skynseminnar í götunni og fólk kom alltaf til hennar í leit að ráðum.En hún lést sunnudaginn 6 júni 1998 aðeins 68 ára gömul.

Hér er smá pistill á ensku um síðasta þáttinn hennar.

Watching Anne Haddy's last performance as Helen Daniels was a moving experience for Neighbours' many fans worldwide.

Though she had not been seen on screen for over two months, Helen was still very much a part of life in Ramsay Street, and residents had been reporting to each other on their visits to her in hospital.

Watching the episode was strange - thanks to press and Internet coverage, we knew that Helen was to die - and even the details of how she would die, but somewhere there was still a faint hope that she would be reprieved. Sadly it was not to be.

The episode began with Lance and Amy trying to convince Susan Kennedy that Lance was not responsible for a cheeky cartoon of her which had appeared in the school magazine. This storyline took up a lot of the episode, but was overshadowed by the news from Debbie that, though doctors were still worried about her, Helen was finally to be allowed home. It had been Helen's aim to be home for her birthday, and her usual determination allowed her wish to be granted.

Debbie told Madge that Helen was upset about the feud between the Martins and Bishops and had given Debbie instructions to dig out “some old video”.

After a frustratingly large amount of scenes about the Lance saga, we finally got to see good old Helen once again. Helen was back doing what she did best - diffusing a row between Philip and Madge. Anne Haddy looked better than she had for months - and it was clear that she was relishing being back on the set after such a long time away. Helen calmed down the assembled Martins and Bishops and put on the video - it was the recording of Scott and Charlene's wedding. Harold was the first to realise that Helen intended the video to bring Madge and Philip to their senses - the wedding symbolising the ultimate pairing of the Ramsay/Robinson clans:

“You are a very wise woman, Helen Daniels.”

The video recalled the programme at its best, and the next snippet we saw featured Mrs. Mangel gazing longingly at Harold. As Helen told Harold how handsome he looked, Harold's memory began to return and he started to remember the wedding day. Helen was enjoying her birthday, and the champagne flowed merrily as the video was repeated at the request of Hannah, who was thrilled to have her gran home. Helen seemed to know her fate as she replied:

“It's so nice to be home.”

Her words were all the more poignant as we all knew that it would be the last time that Helen would be at the home she loved so much. As the evening progressed, Helen told the crowd that she suddenly felt tired. Philip asked if she wanted to lie down. Helen told him:

“I'll be all right here, with Hannah.”

She held Hannah's hand, and fell asleep.

It was then back to another tedious section of the fight to prove Lance's innocence, before we returned to the party, where a blanket had been placed over the sleeping Helen. As Madge and Debbie went to make some coffee, Hannah told Philip that she intended her wedding to Leonardo di Caprio to be just like Scott and Charlene's.

“Is he one of the local boys?”

enquired Harold, before reminiscing about his crush on Doris Day. Hannah asked him how he could remember this, despite suffering from amnesia. The camera pointedly returned to Helen as Harold replied:

“Some things you just never forget.”

As Harold and Madge left, Karl arrived to see how Helen was doing now that she was back home. As soon as he looked at her, he - and we - knew that something was wrong. Philip told him that the excitement of the day had taken its toll on Helen and she had fallen asleep. Karl checked Helen's wrist for a pulse as Hannah revealed the awful truth:

“She's not asleep.”

Karl confirmed Hannah's suspicions, and Rebecca Ritters was utterly convincing as heartbroken Hannah sobbed:

“I sort of knew a while ago. I didn't know what to do and… I didn't think she'd want a fuss”

Dr. Kennedy's words of comfort:

“It looks as though it was peaceful. She just slipped off to sleep.”

were no consolation to a shattered Debbie, or to viewers, who had lost someone very special.

The episode, though written by veteran Ray Kolle, who had been writing episodes for almost as long as Anne Haddy had been starring in them, was disappointing. The Lance story was too prominent and few would have minded the storyline being put on hold so that the whole episode could be devoted to Helen. Anne Haddy deserved a better send-off. That said, however, her acting was excellent as ever, and it is a sign of her bravery and strength, and her devotion to the show and its viewers, that despite suffering from a kidney disease, she turned in a deeply moving final performance as Helen.

The episode ended with a montage of images from Anne's 12 years in the show, reminding viewers of the many great storylines she had been involved in and the special something she brought to them all. Just as the residents of Ramsay Street had lost a special friend, so the world has now lost a very special actor.

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