Lil rain - adore you

Every day (day),
Every night (night)
I wanna see you baby,
stayin' by my side. (by my side)

I'm going down on my,
on my knees for you. (you)
For your love i'd do it,
for your sake, believe I do. (do)

If you don't love me,
why do you raise my hopes?
no matter what happens,
I can't let you go.

You got it wrong,
I didn't wanna hurt you.
I wanna be all the world for you.


I've not the faintest idea,
why aren't you talkin' to me?
I'm trying to be the perfect man,
you always want me to be.

I'm accustomed to you,
you're a part of my life.
Everything I told you honey,
I've nothing to hide.

You're my little angel,
you're my little star.
I'm still waitin' every hour,
you're so close to my heart.

All my life I've been waitin',
for one monent in time.
We're together I adore your eyes,
I so adore your sweet smile (girl).

I don't give a damn bout what somebody told you.
I'll ever be your man ‘cause baby I love you.
If the worse comes to the worst,
I’m gonna hold you.
I feel you're far from believin' it.

We walk through a world where nobody has been before.
Turn back the hands of time open every door.
I swear I wouldn't let you down and sure I love you more,
to retrieve your affinity.
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