Til Steins ;*

I can’t help this urge inside,
I feel the warmth, it makes me smile.
It’s a moment we won’t forget
It’s a moment that makes no regret
It’s another night to miss

The goodbye’s are so hard
I wish they could disappear
I want to stay in your strong arms
kiss your neck, tingelling inside
It’s another night to miss

Baby! I’m reaching out for you
touching your shoulder
giving you my kiss of desire
Baby! I want to hold you tight
I want to stay like that forever
and it will be,
another night to miss.

Another night to miss,
filling spaces with desire,
Another night to miss,
making it up with our kiss.

And the time stops,
when you hold my hand,
And the time stops,
when I’m by your side.

Kristjana :)