I want someone to just do nothing with, you dont have to always have something to do, to be able to see this person, to be able to wear your pj´s all day sunday and watch tv or just spoon in bed all day long.

I want someone to be able to share my most wonderful and worst things. I want someone to be able to call when im sooo excited about something you can hear it in my voice without even knowing what it is. I miss having that person that can tell if something is wrong just by the tone of your voice, and you dont have to talk about whats wrong and they will just hold you until youre ready to talk about it.

I miss having that person that you cant wait to get out of work and call them and see how their day was. Or to lay down and fall asleep next to them, to listen to them breath while they are sleeping, to wake up and find that person it watching you sleep, because no matter what you do, they think you are the most beautiful creature in the world.

I miss having the person that i can share my inner most thoughts and dreams, i can share my inner most soul with. I miss those long talks at 3 in the morning, and you keep talking all night long, just because you dont want the night to end.

I miss having someone who tells me that they think im beautiful. I miss hearing that they love every part of my body, even the parts that i dont like about myself.

I miss hearing someone tell me that they love me, i miss feeling in love, i miss making love, not just sex, i miss having butterflies in my tummy, i miss having the last call of the night person.

Fann þetta á netinu langaði bara að deila þessu á áhugamálið…..