Eins og margir vita ad tha hefur Pete Townshend verid mikid i frettum thessa dagana en eg fann thetta bref a netinu sem Brian May gitarleikarinn i Queen skrifar til bladamanna i Bretlandi
For God's sake - you idiots - leave Pete Townshend alone.
This is really in danger of getting deeply out of hand - remember McCarthyism in the USA? Well maybe we're too young - but if you read Orwell's “1984” it'll do the trick. The Thought Police seem to have materialised again in 2003 . Surely the police conducting this investigation into paedophilia must realize that loads of people must go into areas of the Internet purely to see what is there? And are you going to tell me journalists don't do this in order to be informed enough to write their stories? Oh, I guess journalists will turn out to be exempt from this kind of investigation into THEIR private lives. But of course it is these very harpies who as usual can't wait to smear a great artist like Pete Townshend. It made me feel sick to see newsreel footage of these parasites camped outside Pete's house.
Grow up guys. And own up.
Pete Townshend's integrity is self-evident. He is as appalled by paedophilia as the rest of us.
Show some respect to a man who has done so much to improve and inform our view of the world.
Brian May Jan 2003
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