Yesterday while surfing the net I came across a few interviews taken before the show begun earlier this summer. Some of the rockers were asked what defines being a “rockstar” and about their hopes for this whole experience.

After the first performance show aired I read an article in the newspaper about Lukas being far more famous than any of the other rockers in that show. I guess I believed that after the first show because he did very well. But as the show went on and on my disbelief in Lukas capabilities came more clearer. Last nite it became absolutely clear that Lukas is burnt out entirely where he confessed that his actual day job was flipping hamburgers at Hooters somewhere in Canda. If you truly are a rockstar, even a singer you are not working a day job if you have the talent. But Lukas is, what does that tell you? Reading back on Lukas's profile I came across some information about him as a singer. He has had great success in the past, even had voice-over for cartoons. Are you realising where this is all going?

Don't misunderstand me, I like watching Lukas but his ego is missing entirely. He has had success before but as the show's have progressed his vocal capabilities are deteriorating fast with every week. It always looks like he's trying to be what he was before not what he is today. His look for instance, last week's episode, he reminded me of the evil version of Chicken Little. Try inverting a picture of Chicken Little in Photoshop and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's just funny and yet painful to see his struggle. After each performance imitating Mick Jagger's moves he stands there like a vulnerable chicken and thinks he's gonna get the worst. Maybe my sound system at home is just that terrible that it can't project his true talent but that's another story. I personally think in my honest opinion that Lukas is burned out and his future is actually working a day job at Hooters or doing voice-overs for the villain in cartoons. I'm sorry. I also think that when Dave and Supernova applause Lukas is only because he is so vulnerable and they don't want to hurt him.

This brings me to the fact that Toby told us also yesterday that he's working a day job in Aussie. The difference between Toby and Lukas is somewhat different because Toby never had a chance to prove himself as Lukas had done in the past. This is why Toby is becoming more and more stronger every week. Toby's character as the Mansions goofball really brings out a likeable personality that appeals to viewers. Supernova really sees potential in Toby, he is learning. He has star potential.

Magni, oh my god, he is the most talented of the bunch. Have you ever not seen him helping the other contestants? Have you ever seen a drama involving Magni? This is a star in the making. He does not have a day job. He is an idol in Iceland already. A small country of course but this is the stage where he gets to shine. I vote for him every week intensily and I've been going nuts last two weeks seeing him the bottom three. I really think that people who are watching Rockstar:Supernova are voting for their favorites dispite their laking performances just because of the character they've created for the fans. Magni on the other hand is just an ordinary person, a family man, a true talent that finally got the chance to shine internationally. I honestly hope that Supernova won't choose him for his band because he's way more talented than they ever will be. But I do want to see him in the finals just for Supernova to make the final judgement on him not people watching the show that really don't have that much sense for true talent and just votes for fictional characters with lots and lots of make up on.

Ryan, he' the sleeper hit of the show. His original, last week, was amazing and I liked it immediately. If Supernova picks him in the end they could have some success in the bag due to his songwriting skills. That's actually what it's all about in the end, the songs. Dilana and Storm will never front Supernova. I think they will just feel awkward having a woman around and of course there is always more problems concerning women in general. Not that I'm insulting women around the world. Men and women are just different.

Bottom line (thanks for reading) is that tonite I'm rooting for Magni. If he leaves, my interest in this reality show is over. I honestly think it's Storms time to leave.

With kind regards,

C0ldf1r3s (Xbox Live Gamertag)