Magni - I, Alone - Live

Well of course Magni is born to sing Live songs. He was phenomenal, more straightforward interpretation of the song than Ryan's angry-postal version….at first…and freaking MAGNI goes wild! He's all over the stage, he's singing to chicks in the audience, then he leaps out into the audience, and you just heard a CHORUS of GIRLY SCREAMS as he made his way through the crowd and over to the Supernova Pad. He then proceeds to ROCK. OUT. in front of Supernova, who appeared to be really digging it ( I couldn't really see, I was standing right next to the rocker pod this week). His vocals through out are STELLAR (of course!) but he keeps building and building and getting more and more raw until he's all angsty and growly and sexy. Yum. Yum. Yum. He then runs back to the stage after the song ends. Dave: I wish you'd stayed over here so I could tell you to your FACE: YOU KILLED IT!!! Audience goes nuts! We're just so happy that Magni rocks it so hard and so well, especially after following Lukas. T Lee - loved it! Just wished Magni had kept going back into the bleachers to sing to the bleacher peeps. At that point GIRLY SCREAMS and standing O's from the bleachers for Magni!! And those folks don't get up for fucking ANYbody! Gilby: FINALLY, he sees in Magni that extra “something” he's been looking for all this time. Yay Magni!!! I pity the fool that has to follow THAT! And who's that fool, you ask?