Here's my review after week three performances (I'm rating them 0-10)

The encore goes to Magni the ice-man..(9) he was Magnificent like TLee said, I really didn't know he could go that deep… he really surprised me on that one…

Now only four sucked and I can't decide which three should be in bottom three.

Dana (3) maybe she'll be good after 5-8 years,

Josh (4) should be singing R&B, not Rock,

Jenny (4) get rid of that guitar!, reminds me of country music!

Ryan (4) seems to have hard time singing, needs more power

Didn't like Toby's (5) performance much, he didn't follow the band good enough in this song, but wasn't the worst one.

Phil (5) was better than last time but still should go soon, having Jason there helped him a lot.

Zayra (5), well she shouldn't be in this competition, but she did well this week and that is just because of the song choice, she can do melodies like this but she surely can't rock!

Jill (6) is one of my least favorites in this show but she earned herself another week with this week's performance, her best yet.

Lukas (6) did ok, but I think it's just too much of a matter of taste and his voice is getting more tired every week, it's always like he's singing sitting on the toilet doing #2. This is just my feeling for him and I can't do anything about that, maybe this will change. But I put him with the better half of the rockers..

Storm (6) did okay, not outstanding though but good enough to show she's one of the best females there.

Patrice (7) was good, and did it safe but not good enough to get the encore.

Dilana (8) did great but not as good as in week 1&2 imho, maybe because this song is one of my favorites and I thought it could be a little better.. She's my #1 favorite

Just my honest opinion…



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