18. desember kl. 14:00 - 19. desember kl. 18:00
Staður Populus Tremula
Kaupvangsstræti, fyrir neðan listasafnið.
Akureyri, Iceland
Georg Óskar Manúelsson
Nánari upplýsingar Þér er boðið á opnun sýningunar “This moment is nothing special about nothing only me and cloudy debussy”

Georg paintings draw upon his experience of present time.
He is not trying to say anything special, accept capturing
time while he is thinking about nothing accept his tension with the present.
He is ironic, the irony about it is that no one seems to get it.
For someone it is not worth discussing.

The works explores the nights and days of no sleep. The short history of his life.
He Stays out till the sun comes up to take as many snapshots with him to have the material to make the next picture.

“It’s all about the moment while you are painting nothing else, but something
you need to achieve to make the moment worth showing”

Georg Óskar Manúelsson