Nennti ekki að skrifa núna svo ég tók bara greinina sem ég skrifaði á
En hvað, eru ekki einhverjir hérna með stórar pantanir sem þeir hafa að deila með okkur. Eru ekki einhverjir hérna sem hafa chekkað á einhverju af þessu dóti? :)
I'm really happy these days ‘cause I bought alot of stuff from that is on its way to Iceland…
And that stuff is:
1. Neal Morse - Testimony DVD
2. Transatlantic - Live in Europe DVD
3. Dream Theater - I&W Live in Tokyo/5 Years in a LIVEtime DVD’s
4. Dream Theater - Live at Budokan DVD
5. Dream Theater - Live at Budokan CD
6. An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess CD
7. Neal Morse - One CD
8. Pain of Salvation - Be CD

I haven't ordered stuff online for almost a year now. I still haven't ordered line no. 2 from YtseJam Records and so on, not good.
But finally this is it. I own the I&W/5YiaLt video tapes so I know it's good but DVD is better. I've read nothing but good things about Budokan. Testimony CD is great and I love Neal Morse and MP so I expect this to be great also. Also love TA and All of the Above is one of the greatest songs ever. “State of Grace” is great sogn and I'm hoping that the evening will be good. PoS nothing but top notch music and Daniel Gildenlöw is one of the greatest musician ever to be born imo. One, will see since it is not out now.

So, thoughts? Comments? Whatever?

Atleast I can't wait