Þessu er kippt af camelotvault.ign.com:

Last week we asked you for the top ten excuses not to log off Dark Age of Camelot. You guys responded in record numbers with hundreds, upon hundreds of great ideas! After hours of sorting through my mailbox, I finally narrowed the field to ten… and so straight from the mailbox, here is this weeks top ten list!

10. I was only on 5 minutes your watch is wrong! (Dark Knight)

9. When you think about it, hunting mobs is good training for finding your car keys. (Dread)

8. Because real life is conning purple. (Qaal)

7. If you logoff..Mythic will know…and they will NOT be amused. (Michael)

6. But sweetheart, the baby stops crying when she watches me play. (Corey)

5. My girlfriend is having a identity crisis and I'd rather not deal with it, even if she IS invisible. (Coredric)

4. I want to see just how long it takes until your underwear actually becomes a part of you. (Rainz)

3. The more I play, the less it costs per minute. If I play non-stop, it's almost like playing for free! (Dreadloch)

2. You don't want to hear your wife complaining about how you love the game more then you love her, so you wait until she's asleep before you log off. (Cleptic)

..and the number one reason not to log off is…

1. Log off? You mean… this is… *gasps* just a GAME??? (Itchy)