Held að allir diskarnir séu í topp standi
800kr á disk.
1200 á 2cd
1500 cd+dvd

1349 – Hellfire
1349 – Liberation
Aerosmith – Devils got a new disguise (best of)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – bestial machinery
Blood feud – adjustment to the sickest
Blood red throne – come death
Bolt thrower – Mercenary
Botnleðja – Magnyl
Brutal truth – Goodbye cruel world! (live 2cds)
Cannibal Corpse – tomb of the mutilated
Carpathian Forest – Morbid Fascination of death
Carpathian forest – we‘re going to hell for this * over a decade of perversions
Changer – Breed the Lies
Classic rock vol.3 – Wild Weekend
Dark funeral – Attera totus sanctus
Dark funeral – Diabolus interium
Dark funeral /infernal split – under wings of hell
Debauchery – dead scream symphony (black metal band ekki death metal bandið)
Deicide – Deicide
Deicide – Once upon the Cross
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblas cd+dvd
Dimmuborgir – death cult armageddon
Drep – Doctor e.p. ( íslenskt stoner dót, mæli með þeim, áritað)
Ensími – BMX
Fear Factory – hatefiles
Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose
Forest of Impaled – Demonvoid
Forest of impaled – Forward the spears
Funeral mist – devilry
Gojira – The link
Gorgoroth – Twilight of the Idols
Heaven & Hell – A Tribute to black sabbath
HIM – Darklight
Imapled Nazarene – all that you fear
Immolation – Harnessing ruin
Incantation – Onward to Golgatha
Incantation – Primordial Domination
Jimi Hendrix – Woodstock
King diamond – Abigail
Krieg – the black house
Krieg – The Curch.
Marduk – Fuck me jesus
Marduk – La grande danse macabre
Marduk – Panzer division Marduk
Marduk – Rom 5:12
Ministry – The Last Sucker (rosaflott hreyfimyndar booklet)
Morbid angel – altars of madness
My dying bride – the dreadful hours
Mötley crue – red white and crue
Napalm Death – Noise for Music sake
Nasum – inhale/exhale
Nile – Black seeds of Vengeance
Nile – in the beginning
Opeth – Ghost reveries
Rage against the machine – township rebellion
Rotten sound – under pressure/drain
Sepultura – Against
Sepultura – donnington 96
Severed Saviour – Brutality is Law
Sigurrós – Ágætis Byrjun (booklet frá ca.1999)
Skinless - from sacrifice to survival
Skinless – Tremple the Weak, hurdle the dead
Slayer – Undisputed attitude
Suffocation – Human waste
Suffocation – Suffocation
Sworn enemy –As real As it gets
Type O negative – love you to death Ep
Velvet revolver – Libertad
Zero Hour – The Towers of Avarice (Spiluðu á íslandi fyrir nokkrum árum)
Burn the Louvre,” the mechanic says, “and wipe your ass with the Mona Lisa. This way at least, God would know our names