Bruce Dickinson (söngvari í Iron Maiden) ætlar að gefa út nýja “solo” plötu 23 maí 2005 hún á að heita “Tyranny of Souls”!!!

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Bruce Dickinson - New Solo album ‘Tyranny of Souls’ Released 23rd May 2005

Bruce Dickinson is an artist who has influenced thousands of singers, musicians and fans alike in his outstanding role as the front man of legendary band Iron Maiden. He has also on to achieved great success as a solo artist, and is also acclaimed as a Radio DJ, TV presenter, pilot, author and voice of modern music.

It has been seven years since Bruce released his last solo album ‘The Chemical Wedding’ which received massive critical acclaim and explored intriguing and dark Blakean themes. The intervening years have seen him make a highly successful return to Iron Maiden, with two huge albums and record breaking live shows and tours.

‘Tyranny Of Souls’, Bruce’s new solo venture, sees him return to once again to collaborate with guitarist/producer/writer Roy Z in Los Angeles. The album is adorned with a 15th century depiction of hell by Hans Hemling and continues this theme to explore dark apocalyptic themes delving into science, theology and of course his love of flight, with thought provoking, intelligent and menacing lyrics that are sure to leave the listener’s mind unsettled. Heavy riff laden songs and explosive virtuoso guitar work from Roy joined with the definitive Dickinson soaring vocals make this ground breaking album a tour de force of modern Metal.

Bruce is a man for all seasons whose punishing schedule would terrify a less driven soul. It was following on from the end of the last Maiden tour that Bruce saw an opportunity to work alongside Roy again.

“With Maiden, once the band have finished up on the tours, we all tend to go our separate ways and do our own thing for a while until it’s time to saddle up again for the next album. I knew I could seize the chance to work with Roy in between his work on the new Priest Album. We both work quickly together which I like and the recording is very organic so it came together quite easily. I’m very proud of it.”

‘Tyranny Of Souls’ will be released on May 23rd through Mayan / Sanctuary Records.

1 Mars Within (Intro)
2 Abduction
3 Soul Intruders
4 Kill Devil Hill
5 Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
6 River Of No Return
7 Power Of The Sun
8 Devil On A Hog
9 Believil
10 A Tyranny Of Souls