Núna er komin önnur gagnrýni um St. Anger, hún er ekki næstum jafn jákvæð og sú fyrsta en jákvæð samt. Það sem ég er samt ekki ánægður með er að þarna stendur að það sé ekki eitt sóló á allri plötunni. Það stóð reyndar ekki í hinni gagnrýninni en það stóð ekki heldur að það væru sóló..

fyrir þá sem nenna ekki á <a href="http://www.musicfanclubs.org/metallica/news_archive/2003/may/05a.htm“>linkinn</a>
Frantic- quite a long one.
St. Anger- it's the great one.
Some Kind of Monster- the riff is like the one on King Nothing but played differend and on a low tune.
Invisible Kid- quite wird one I don't have opinion about it you will listen this and do your own opinion.
My World- it has a great riff! and the drums are incredible or even better.
Shoot Me Again- the begining Hammett had to do ‘cause there is a few seconds of playing exactly as Jimi Hendrix played , ’shoot me again i ain't dead yet…'- James sings this as he's bander with someone. The vocal is realy good in this song.
Sweet Amber- the bigining hmm like hawaii guitar, light begining but soon a big kick of hard riffs. You will listen there a guitar like on Kill'em All.
Unnamed Feeling- mistic one, heavy but there are some melody stuff ‘when the unnamed feeling takes me away…’
Purify- quite good, for sure Conny liked that ‘cause (she heard this album few times) she was singing some to herself
All Within My Hands- now we are on the end of the adventure with this album. The last one where James sings:’ kill kill kill!' still don't let us to relax. We are bombarding with the heavy sound from all sides

So get ready for a big SHOCK on June 9th.New album will make for sure all the old fans happy and bring new fans too. It will be something unexpectable. As Lars said - ”it's a commercial suicide“. Radios will be afraid of broadcasting this kind of music, couse it won't point to big audience. This is not the music for poeple, who likes ”lalalalala-singing" & dancing. While listening new album you can headbanging. THIS ALBUM IS POWERFULL.