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Football Manager 2007 v7.0.2

- Fixed bug where Australian youth player was being given English nationality only and thus not being eligible to play as he had no work permit.
- Fixed bug with player fines not getting processed properly at various times in the season.
- Fixed bug where lots of virtual players were added for a team.
- Fixed future human manager transfer bug - some data wasn't being updated properly in some situations.
- Fixed humans being offered countless players by German and Spanish teams in particular
- Fixed bug when training and youth facilities are upgraded simultaneously, only training facilities would actually upgrade.
- Fixed bug where teams who have already accepted friendlies for a tour accept again when a replacement team is picked.
- Fixed bug where sometimes fixtures would be played at the old stadium when a team moves to a new stadium.
- Fixed stadium expansion bug where seats were sometimes being added immediately after the expansion is announced.
- Fixed bug where national team managers were not sent news sometimes about players being injured when playing for the national team.
- Fixed bug where blank entries were shown in players history when they had not made any appearances.
- Confederations Cup now takes place in host country of next World Cup.
- International friendly instructions now cleared down after matches.
- When scout assignments are removed, the user can now re-assign to the same nation/region without having to leave the screen and come back.
- Fixed a crash in a scout report news item.
- Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur when playing a friendly competition which clashes with other matches.
- Fixed issues where some sweepers would have no DC ability
- Fixed a transfer promotion clause crash caused by edited data.
- Teams which are promoted from lower divisions without a stadium get one generated.
- Fixed crash when retiring an unemployed manager
- Fixed a rare crash when arranging a friendly match.
- Fixed a crash when calling up multiple players to a national pool.
- Fixed a crash which might occur if a human manager builds up a squad of over 200 players.
- When a player on loan is transferred to a third team, his stats are now cleared down properly.
- Fixed a manager being fired unreasonably in finish league due to some teams having a next division set as a lower division
- Fixed a game freeze when going to a scout's list of scouted players.

Match Engine Version History

Match v551

- Reduced number of off ball violent offences slightly.

Match v552

- Further violent conduct tweak

Match v553

- Even further violent conduct tweak

- If a user navigates away from a job contract offer from a different team and goes back, the screen will show the correct team that the contract offer is from instead of showing the user's current team.
- Aggregate goals now shown correctly on a competition's fixtures/results section for 2nd leg matches.
- User can now only select one team as their feeder club at any one time from the news item.
- Fixed issue where the contract offer screen was showing old contract offers.
- Fixed a match commentary issue where a team name would sometimes not display properly.
- Home/away stats on the match screen now appear properly after viewing team tactics and going back.
- Fixed bug where sub gk changes to an outfield kit when a tactics change is made.
- Fixed bug where match preview panel was missing out goalscorers included from reserve teams.

- Stopped lower level free agent and older players asking for 5 year deals
- Lowered players expectations when negotiating a new contract.
- Fixed bug where user could switch section from the contract offer screen and cause the offering team of the contract offer to be the player's current team instead of the human's team.
- Fixed bug where human managers couldn't offer new contracts to certain players.
- Fixed bug where player going out on loan would be given a normal contract instead of a loan contract.
- Fixed in some cases whereby player were demanding extortionate appearance fees.
- Stopped managers from being allowed to sign players who fail work permit checks on youth contract terms.

- Agents now won't recommend players who are out on loan.

Newgens/Youth Players
- Changed a lot of second nationality players and added some more nationality youngsters via feedback from forums.
- Made more newgens two footed than before
- Fewer newgens for nations which are running in “View Only” mode.

- Reduced the amount of results returned for lower league teams when assigning a scout to a nation/region.
- Fixed scouts stopping performing assignments

- Fixed bug where player attributes can fluctuate slightly albeit temporarily in cycles.


- Reduced asking prices slightly outside top echelons
- Fixed “mad chairmen” selling players over managers heads too often at reasonably sized rich clubs
- Clubs more willing to spend on obviously quality players at lower/middling levels
- Slightly more foreign interest in well performing players in smaller leagues
- Fixed bug where monthly installment money was not be given to a team with a next sale percentage clause.

Network Game
- Fixed game freeze problem when joining a game which uses a password and the wrong password is entered.
- Fixed client crash after being banned from a network game.
- Fixed client crash when host exited a game and client was on the tactic screen.

- Stopped unknown players winning World Player awards.

- Highest average rating records now update if the player has played more games, and equalled the record rating.
- Improved selection of Caribbean and Central American nations for qualification to the Gold Cup.
- 2008 African Cup of Nations is held in Ghana.
- Royal League now with only one leg for Quarter Final and Semi-Final.

South America
- Correct losing Semi Finalist is selected to play in the World Club Championship if two Mexican teams reach the Copa Libertadores final.
- First placed teams in the group stage of the Libertadores are now able to make changes to their squads for the knockout rounds

- Stopped transfer window news appearing for the Free Transfer window.

- Added Brazilian Cup 2007 participants.

- Fixed some promotion/relegation issues.

- Fixed winter break not working for Danish U18 Cup.
- Some improvements to Premier league scheduling so that postponed games are not scheduled in between or past last two rounds.

- Conference North and South teams now enter the FA Trophy at the 3rd Qualifying Round.
- Johnstone's Trophy Final now played at Wembley from the 2007/08 season.
- Conference North and South Playoff finals now played at more appropriate stadiums.
- English finals are played at the Millennium stadium in the first season and then Wembley from the 2007/08 season.

- Finnish League Cup groups now correct for 2007

- Matches are now shown on TV

- Greek Cup 4th round now goes to a replay if scores are level.

- Dutch Cup format changed
- Dutch Premier Division teams always have teams entered in the Reserve and Youth league

Hong Kong (China PR)
- Fixed Hong kong Football Club not participating in continental competitions.

- Added correct suspension method for the Toto Cup

- Reggina points deduction now 11 points.

- Fixed bug where winner of First Division A playoff would not be promoted if it was a Second Division team.

Northern Ireland
- Stopped the same team been used twice in the Second Division Relegation playoff

- Correct teams now qualify for the Royal League

- Polish Legaue Cup added.

- Portuguese Cup Final is now played at the National Stadium


- Added some restrictions for 2 clubs playing in Singaporean league ( one Chinese and one South Korean).

- Fixed wrong teams getting promoted when running the Slovenian First Division only.

- Transfer budget on news item now matches up with budget on the team finances screen.

- Corrected Welsh disciplinary system

Data Editor v7.0.2
- Added B/C team editing.
- Added continent regional strength field.
- Added nation UEFA coefficients and FIFA ranking.
- Added nation languages.
- Added international friendlies.
- Added average match and season ticket price fields.
- Added club UEFA coefficients.
- Added club regional divisions.
- Added club tactical attributes.
- Added club records.
- Added club history.
- Added stadium capacity changes.
- Added stadium moves.
- Added award colours.
- Added award history.
- Added city latitude & longitude.
- Added competition colours.
- Added injury occurence ratio.
- Added club next division.
- Added retired person editing.
- Added nation famous players (Media Comparison).
- Fixed bug that could cause problems when changing the name of a person.
- Fixed dupliacte entry in city inhabitants range drop down.
- Made player and non player only jobs available to Player/Non Players.
- Fixed sorting in club staff & player lists.

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