Jeij. Þetta er heiðarleg tilraun hjá mér til þess að gera eitthvað á erlendu tungumáli. Ég ábyrgist ekki að þetta sé enska sem er rétt notuð en að öðrum kosti, njótið :D .

I'm back at the messed up pathgate again,
I've been thrown into the lion's den,
Where, there are useless the ways of men,
Adaption perseveres.

I'm running atop the jagged peaks,
A person up high, is a person who seeks,
The answer to life, which may seem so bleak,
Like the engine that turns the gears.

The mystery here is the morning sky,
How can the sunshine, reach so high,
Then comes the night and we don't know why,
It goes on for the coming years.

The stunning creation that's meant to be,
Has often come to rescue me,
Thus, the lion was forced to flee,
Away, my life is spared.

Tell this story, tell it true,
Tell it so it may reflect you,
Tell it those who have no clue,
How to be prepared.