Brother’s love.
You’re golden hair is so pretty, in the moonlight.
And you’re blue eyes so sweet in the night.
And you hold me tight,
But then why do I cry.
Even though it’s a night with clear blue skies.
And a wonder full blue eyed boy holds me tight,
But I still cry cause then one I loved died,
And you just were there to hold me when I cried,
The guy I loved was the sweetest of them all,
And his eyes greener than emeralds in the fall,
When he held me close I thought I could never fall
And he was so sweet, the sweetest of them all,
But like anything else his love for me wasn’t true
And now I am so blue,
Holding on to a love that never could be true,
But my blue eyed boy still sit’s by my side,
And he wouldn’t leave even if he knew why I cried,
That’s why my love for him can never die,
Because he wouldn’t let me go even if I died,
I guess a brother’s love never really dies.
It is a proven fact: All guys want sex.