I don’t wanna do anything,
To make you feel better.
You don’t diserve it, you killed me,
My soul is gone forever.

You did this bit by bit, day by day,
But I always felt the same.
I just wanna hide, get away,
But I have nothing to say.

Every day was hell, I wanted to go,
Get away. My family sucked,
People were fucked,
But I had no place to stay.

I´m writing just to make you see,
How hard my life could be.
I hate you, you hate me,
That’s fine now by me.

Ahhhh….. smá sona ljóð… væri svo sem hægt að gera lag úr þessu en veit ekki !
It´s not easy having a good time, even smiling makes my face ache !