When we bite them hooks of lies
we ourselves do demonize
until they lead us into a wall
where the spirit dies
so we must reclaim our freedom
to run them vallies wild
we must reclaim our powers
to fight for the sacred child
Because there is no affection
no connection to the spirit
we are denied them sacred tools
as words are spread against them sacred schools
of how to live in harmony connected to the goddess
and how to sing a few song´s from magical chants
and gather some leaves from healing plants
so we can find our connection
so it may forever grow
as we feel the deep embrace
from the earth below
So we can gaze upon what lays ahead
and see the souls of the dead
so them tears of fear will be shed
as we are in wonder led,  through a sacred healing
(boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,) through a sacred healing

When we are connected
we know what´s right and wrong
when we are connected
we can hear the sacred song
playing deep within our hearts
So be strong as a tower
find your inner power
to recieve what´s already here
through your intention
tune into the dimension
where you´re spirit runs them vallies wild
Free from the shackles of devouring thought
where intuition leads the way
free from the cave like point of view
as it burst´s we can see right through
When in deep connection to the sacred song
we can feel within our hearts
what is right or wrong
Yes we must take a look at this man made law
it kills the wonder and the awe
banning a sacred journey to the soul
slowing down humanity´s role
to emerge at one with the whole
We just have to listen, to listen to the song
it tells of adventurous ways
ways that emerge from within ourselves
ways that are sacred and pure
and like rivers they flow
out of us into the world
as they shape the scene around
Yes when we are connected
we know what´s right or wrong
we can hear the sacred song
playing deep within our hearts
showing us the tales and the parts
to play.