To be wrapped in her presence is paradise
even when the darkness surrounds
she just sings a song into the night
and them demons all take flight
for hymns of fire do dwell in her soul
fleeting expressions  and love to the whole
now finding it´s way into my heart
never again shall i be in the dark
now with this beauty a vision so fine
submerged in the flow the adventure divine.
She tells me, she tells me it´s just the beginning
the beginning of jewels and dreams
for our spiritual powers our roses divine
will make us a palace that from heaven will shine
wherever we´ll travel wherever we´ll be
and them faries of earth will gather to see
as they join the dance, the dance to be free
and the birds do sing accordingly.
Into the mysteries they will then lead us
to a lake of wonder it´s might we do ponder
but swiftly they drag us away
through worlds and visions of sacred knowledge
but the last part we must go alone
them final peaks, them final hours
we strive with intent to make them ours
there is no other way to them golden towers
within our hearts we reach for them flowers
of life.

Arnar Fells Snorrason.