An endless flowing spring of rapture,
a pure splendor of spirit cure.
Never could I have dreamt of having you,
all your love to behold.
But now my girl, you lie cold.

A lifeless stare and you don´t breath,
it´s unfair, I whisper through my teeth.
Nothing left of you but the cooling blood in your veins,
and the scent of your dark moist hair,
I, in horrific despair embrace you,
looking for warmth that isn´t there.

What will I do without you with me here?

My frightened, flickering eyes reflect the dim light.
Coming true all of my imagined fears,
radiance bouncing off my tears,
now soaking my cheeks, blurring my sight.
What sparkled inside never again shines bright.

Without you I´m left broken, bleeding, crippled and bare
caught in a bottomless pitfall of grief.
Not a single sunray reaches me there.
Now it has also become my part
to lifelessly stare.

What will I do without you with me here?

But cries without actions are always in vain,
you used to say, when I moaned about work
for four years of mornings, every day.
So now I am taking action to end the pain.
A strong rope with a noose, and a few bricks tied to my shoes,
I am coming to you, because as I said
there is nothing here left to do.

But then, standing weeping on a stool,
in the midst of our kitchen, I feel like a fool!
You liked boring bands, and just could not understand
my great sense of humor.
And you flirted with some of my friends,
oh I feel guilty for the way my mind bends,
but could there, just maybe, be someone else,
even better out there?

How bad could it possibly be, without you with me here?