Even though my words
have been choked out of me
i‘m still not sure
where i really want to be.
With a kick in the face
every god damned morning
i‘m surprised there‘s something still left to see.

When my broken heart
screams at the floor
I try to find a reason
to walk out the door.
Though my laugh
and my voice sound alive
and well, you can see that i‘m dead to the core.

Smoking and drinking
the pain out of my brain
Bleeding and screaming
in the pouring rain
The fear and the fright
of a fucking loaded gun
shows me i‘m really insane.

I‘m fighting a demon
that lives in my eyes.
I‘m screaming at thoughts
that are full of lies.
I bleed and i cry,
It‘s a fight to the death
but i‘m not the one who dies.