Þetta er eiginlega texti frekar en ljóð. Er að pæla að gera lag við þetta, endilega kommentið og segið mér hvað ykkur finnst.

Don't regret

You said you hated me
Those words I feared the most
You said them so easily
And I heard them so clearly

I didn´t tell you the truth
Cause I was scared it would hurt you
But maybe I should have let you go
It seems you never cared for me

I finally decide to go home
Face the people who killed my family
A group of people with guns and knives
I walk to them with my head held high

I tell them to make it quick
I´m tired of running
One of them has a gun
He shoots me in the head and I start bleeding

It hurt so bad
Not my head but my heart
I´ll never see him again
I´ll never get to say goodbye

A bright light comes near
And I become air
Suddenly he appears, crying and sobbing
He says he´s sorry and holds me so tightly

The people have gone
with smiles on their faces
He asks for my forgiveness
But I´m already not there

He washes the blood away
And puts me on my bed
He whispers in my ear
I´ll never leave you again

A tear drops from my eye
Impossible for someone who just died
He starts to cry
And thanks me for my forgiveness