Crying in the shower and nobody can hear me
I know it's bad but I've got no choice
I'm stuck here and I want to flee

Crying in the shower is not my idea of fun
but it's the only thing I can do right now
I don't want to talk to no one

Crying in the shower is good when I need to hide
I haven't done anything else
since the day you left my side

Crying in the shower and I miss you terribly
I wonder what you're doing now
Are you glad because you're free?

Crying in the shower and I keep asking myself why
You said that this is not the end
but are you sure that isn't a lie?

Crying in the shower, how will I be able to forget
all about you and what we had?
Now all of that is dead

Crying in the shower, there's a dagger in my soul
Can somebody please save me now
I'm nothing inside but a big hole

Cryingin the shower, I'm so lost without you here
Why won't you come, you belong with me
There's nothing I need when you are near

Crying in the shower, the water's my only friend
it calms me and it feels my pain
I'm realising this is the end

Crying in the shower, I only got a few tears left
It's good to let it all out sometimes
after everything I've kept

Crying in the shower, it's time to call it a night
I might do this again tomorrow
Then I'll get over you, you're out of sight
Ég finn til, þess vegna er ég