Ég á mér.

Ég á mér drauma, sem ég mun aldrei lifa
Ég á mér orð, sem ég mun aldrei mæla
Ég á mér styrk, sem ég mun aldrei nota
Ég á mér ást, sem ég mun aldrei dreyfa
Ég á mér framtíð, sem ég mun aldrei sjá
Ég á mér sýn, en ég er blindur
Ég á mér væntumþykju, sem ég get aldrei deilt
Ég á mér vilja, sem ég mun aldrei sýna
Ég á mér þrá, sem ég mun aldrei fá……


Light my life, light my fire
light up my dreams and my desire
put down my hopes but never leave me alone
I just can't think now when your gone
Must have your love, now when apocolypse is on
My fire in your chest has faded away
and now it seems it doesn't matter what I say
And the time I wished never to come, is today
Apocolypse, in my heart, in my dreams
my feelings are dead and my mind screams
It's now, end of time is near
in every heart, filled with fear
We're dead, apocolypse is here!

For My Dying World

I'm looking out the window, all the hate I see
Everybody's gathered to follow me
And I cry inside, I cry for every soul that lives
In this mad world no one forgives
People standing all around, angry and waiting for my death
I fight for every last needing breath
I stand alone, the world is on my shoulders.

My own bleeding arrow, my heart is betrayed and sorrow
If I close my eyes, will there be any tomorrow
As I fall down on a dying hand
Death for all people and dying land

All I see, is pain and hate
As they say, for everyone, already been decided fate
For my dying love, I shall rise up and take you away
As the hatred world, on their knees, and pray.
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