Dear diary
My mom left the house today
Now it's just me and dad
I hope we will be okay
but we are still lonely and sad

Dear diary
Mom is with another man now
I'm not sure how to react
I should be happy for her, but how?
My parents will never reunite and that's a fact

Dear diary
My father is very lonely these days
I don't know how to make things better
It's very hard to see the look in his face
Everybody else thinks it doesn't matter

Dear diary
I've been stuck in the middle for all this time
and nobody seems to care
They have no idea about what's on my mind
For me this has been a nightmare
I can't sleep and I can't eat
and there's nothing I can do or say
I have to admit defeat
Things won't change anyway

Dear diary
My brother is never here
My sisters don't live here anymore
I cry, I'm sad and I fear
and I worry about my parents who I adore

Dear diary
I want to get away from this place
It's impossible for me to think straight
This is like an endless maze
Is this really supposed to be fate?
Ég finn til, þess vegna er ég