This is our song
you said.

You were amazed by me
and offered me happiness
wrapped up in a box

and tied with a yellow bow.

You would whisper those sweet nothings
and I belived you.


I am blinded by the sun
when I look at you.

You glow like an angel
and your touch feels like summer
and your eyes twinkle when you laugh.

You catch my eye
as you take her in your arms

and the sun disappears behind clouds.


For you, I would squeeze the light out of stars
and watch as you bathed in it

for you I would fetch the moon
and show you it is as cheesy
as a love song by someone

who will never love anyone
as much as I love you.

The little drives we took
with stops to kiss and
realize no one can ever love like we love.

The walks we took, when we never said anything
just one look
and we were rolling around naked in the grass.

The movies we watched
without seeing a single thing
but each other.

The last time I saw you,
I saw the hope in your eyes.

I'm sorry.