Þetta er eiginlega jóla-ljóð, en er það ekki allt í lagi?

I look up
upon the stars.
I see the moon
and I think I see Mars.
I lie down
in the white snow.
Christmas should be nice,
that I know.
I think about
all the families.
Singing and dancing
around their Christmas trees.
I don't have
a Christmas tree.
I don't have anybody
to sing and dance with me.
It's Christmas
but I want to die.
I want to go to heaven,
I want to fly.
Because the one I love,
he is there.
But I lie here,
listening to Cher.
She sings about
being strong.
How can she be so strong,
for so long?
I lie in the white snow,
I'm so cold.
He and me,
we were going to grow old,
together, but now we can't,
because he is gone.
And I am here,
all alone.
It's Christmas,
but I want to die.
“Napoleon is always right!” -Boxer