I'm so afraid to let go
because in the end i know i'll be alone
I'm so afraid to stand up for myself
because in the end all that i got is pain
I'm so afraid to lose you
because i lose everything that comes my way
I'm so afraid to say i love you
because all the time i get hurt inside my pain
I'm so afraid to trust you
because all my trust to you is gone
I'm so afraid of living\
i'm so afraid of thinking about death
Afraid of dieing
afraid of losing you as a friend
Why cant i stop, just wwalk away to the end
oh, plyz let me go you so called friend
I dont wanna be in love with you anymore
let me cure the rain inside my deepful pain
I want to end this brainstorm
that's coming my way
say everything is ok!
Let me go i dont wanna be hurt again
i know you say youre not a bad boy
but hey! Everyone says the same.