Leon S. Kennedy is the main character; however, four other heroes from past games will also emerge.

You can run with a pistol out.

Leon can hold a weapon in each hand.

Zombies can now detect players by sight, smell and sound.

Zombies can and will come from windows.

Players can barricade doors, preventing Zombies from following you.

Firing your pistol in one area will cause Zombies in another area to be more attentive (They can hear now).

When aiming a weapon the player can switch between two perspectives.

Known weapons as of now are a knife, handgun, assault rifle and Molotov-Cocktail.

Zombies will have several hit zones

The blue shadow ghosts shown in the E3 build cannot be killed. They can interact with the environment and bring things in the environment to life. Everything will attack you.

-Tekið af gamerfeed.com

Eg bara get ekki beðið…….Eins gott að þeir executi þetta rett!
<br><br>“I came, I saw, I conquered”
-Júlíus Sesa