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A few weeks ago, with Arsenal looking imperious domestically and, finally, a real force in Europe, Arsene Wenger was telling us: “it would not surprise me if we went unbeaten all season”.

Oh dear. After three defeats in seven days, wags are already wondering if the Arse can get through the next week unbeaten…

For those of us who do not support a Premiership team, Arsenal's current malaise is excellent news. And not just because it's funny to see such a fine example of pride coming before a fall.

When Wenger said that he could see his side remaining undefeated until May it didn't, really, sound as stupid as it should have done. Arsenal have been awesome this season at times, so much so that even those not normally prone to giddiness wondered if they might turn the title into a procession.

Wenger spoke of trying to build a dynasty in English football that would win the league year after year, a sort of late-nineties edition Man United but with French people. And that really would be insufferable. Yet it is not Arsenal who currently lead the Premiership, but another French-run power.

For the neutral, Liverpool's four point lead at the top of the table is, in many ways, great news. The Premiership over the last few years had become stale, a two-horse (at best) race between Manchester United and Arsenal: we might as well have been debating who will win the SPL. If Liverpool could win the title this year, we might have an exciting league on our hands.

However, we wouldn't have exciting champions. It would be great to see a end to the United/Arsenal duopoly, but – again as a neutral - Liverpool bore me rigid. Looking through the team, there are few characters and little flair. The fact that there was no room at the inn for the delightful talents of Jari Litmanen tells a story. Hopefully El Hadji Diouf will get more opportunity.

Gerard Houllier's team are currently wining games with their only shots on target and have mastered the art of winning when playing badly that is The True Mark Of Champions/going to go tits up when their luck runs out. It's not pretty.

Houllier has hit upon a simple but effective methods of winning games that even Jamie Carragher can understand: Hyypia do header, Hamann do tackling, Gerrard do long pass, Heskey do pushing, Owen do running fast and score.

Great for Liverpool, not much fun for the rest of us. Still, at least they're not Arsenal or United…

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