Jæja góðir hálsar, 1.32 fyrir Quake III Arena er kominn út, og Skjálftaþjónarnir hafa verið uppfærðir. Meðal breytinga má nefna að PunkBuster er nú innbyggður, og búið er að laga ýmsa engine og rendering bögga. Einnig ættu menn ekki að fá missing .pk3 villu þegar tengst er þjóni sem er að skipta um kort.

Skrárnar eru annars hér:
<a href="http://static.hugi.is/games/quake3/pr/q3pointrelease_132.exe">Win32</a> [ 28.1MB ]
<a href="http://static.hugi.is/games/quake3/pr/linuxq3apoint-1.32.x86.run">Linux</a> [ 29.5MB ]

Sækið einfaldlega viðeigandi skrá, keyrið (chmod 700 linuxq3apoint-1.32.x86.run fyrst á linux), og vísið á Q3A möppuna ykkar. Segið já þegar spurt er hvort installa eigi PunkBuster.

Einnig er hægt að nota “Check for Quake III Arena Updates.exe” í Q3A möppunni, en ég mæli síður með því.

Til að virkja PunkBuster er best að bæta þessari línu í autoexec.cfg í baseq3 möppunni (búið hana til, sé hún ekki þar):
set cl_punkbuster 1

Hér er loks heildarlisti yfir breytingar og bætur:

- new network protocol, 68
- network code:
improved fragmented messages handling
map change while client loads map no longer causes an ‘Invalid .PK3’ error
map_restart while client loads map no longer causes a reload
fixing donedl being ignored after autodl if map_restart'ed
- the demo command has a list of compatible protocols, it will loop through 66 67 68
you can do ‘/demo four’ and it will try four.dm_66 four.dm_67 four.dm_68
or you can explicitely give a ‘/demo demoname.dm_??’
- added mousewheel support in the console:
wheel to scroll, ctrl+wheel to scroll faster, shift+wheel to scroll history
- UI in baseq3/ and missionpack/ for PunkBuster configuration
punkbuster server in server creation dialog (sv_punkbuster)
punkbuster client in server browser (cl_punkbuster)
added PB Yes/No to the browsers
- removed obsolete MPlayer UI stuff
- bumped server browser to handle up to 4096 servers
- IP maintained in userinfo
- cl_guid in userinfo (as part of PB integration)
- printing ports as unsigned ints, no longer printing negative port numbers
- cleaned up the legacy IP banning code
use * for IP pattern matching now instead of 0 (fixes some confusion)
ex: 192.246.12.*
made it safe from overflowing and crashing
NOTE: using PunkBuster's banning system is advised instead though
- rcon: some fixes to the buffering to avoid overflowing and dropping parts of the message
- rcon: now supports quoting /rcon g_motd “foo bar”
- added SVF_CLIENTMASK (0x00000002), works only with <= 32 players
set bitmask of players to which send entity
- pushed cl_maxpackets upper limit to 125
- added [skipnotify] from RTCW, use to display in the console only, but not on client screen
(also fixes pb_msgprefix and pb_sv_msgprefix)
- new cvar sv_lanForceRate (defaults 1):
forces LAN clients to the maximum rate instead of accepting client setting
(1 is the default behaviour, backward compatible)
- new cvar sv_strictAuth (defaults 1):
server side variable to control wether strict CDKEY auth should be performed with the auth server
this is required if you want reliable cl_guid for the server (for users tracking)
- filesystem:
client re-orders it's pk3s according to the order given by server
(fixes some ‘Invalid .PK3 files referenced’ situations
- fixed invisible entities/players bug (thanks goes to Rick Johnson / Raven for this one!)
- update x86 VM code (better and safer optimisations) (Richk Johnson / Raven too)
- clearing client gentity before GAME_INIT call
- failing vote if there's only one voting client (fixes exploit on 2-player server where one player votes then disconnects, forcing vote to pass)
- added trap_FS_Seek
- renderer fix:
if client game code registers a shader after drawsurfaces are generated but before frame is rendered
had a one-frame visual glitch (shader indexes messed up)
- renderer fix:
r_roundImagesDown 0 + map q3dm1 -> crash (buffer overflow fix)
- renderer fix:
fixed a crash in widescreen displays (q3dm11)
- renderer fix:
MAX_SHADERS up to 2^12
- renderer fix:
moved screenshot from frontend to backend, fixes broken r_smp 1 screenshots
- TA fixes:
MOD_KAMIKAZE MOD_JUICED logging properly to games.log
fixed bot taunt spamming
- fixed typo in scripts/models2.shader (shader error Ursula head)
Win32 specific:
- fixed the DirectInput mouse init procedure
- rcon:
fixed rcon not working on NT/2000/XP workstations that have a long uptime
Linux specific:
- no longer trying to load libMesaVoodooGL.so
obsolete code, was confusing when trying to setup correct OpenGL acceleration
- SMP support in the renderer. Detects CPU count, r_smp 1 default if available. (thanks to Gareth Hughes for contributing this)
- changed default GL driver from libGL.so to libGL.so.1
see LSB 1.2 spec: http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/refspecs/LSB_1.2.0/gLSB/l ibgl.html
- Handle Ctrl and Space key together correctly (Ctrl was disabling Space)
- sub-frame timing of input events (key/mouse) (input timing quality now equivalent to win32)