A farmer has 5 cows and decides it's time to breed
them so he takes them in
his truck to a neighboring farm.The neighbor's boar
and the farmers cows do
the deed and the farmer loads them in his truck and
leaves. First he asks
the other farmer how he will know if the breeding
was a success. If you get
up in the morning and they are lying in the mud ,
then it was successful. If
they are standing then you need to bring them back
for a second try. Next
morning, all the sows are standing by the fence.
So, the farmer takes them
back to be bred again. The following morning…
all standing. For 5 days
the farmer returns the sows to be bred with no luck….
On the 6th day he
tells his wife….I am so tired I cant bear to look…
Will you look out the
window and tell me what you see.
Are any of them lying down? The wife looks out the
window and turns to her husband…..
4 of them are in the back of the truck and the 5th
is in the front seat honking the horn"

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þessu með ykkur.. )