Ég veit ekki af hverju ég skrifaði þetta á ensku, en það verður bara að hafa það. Ég nenni ekki að þýða þetta.

1: Drum on every surface, be it free or not.

2: While listening to music with someone, sing LOUD even though you don’t know the lyrics.

3: Cough really loud really often.

4: Always pretend that you already know what the other person is telling you.

5: Break in when someone’s talking.

6: Tell a reeeeally unfunny joke and laugh like a mad, drunk giant at a pub.

7: Whistle.

8: Stalk someone you don’t know. After a little while, start a conversation. (Example: “Hey, how’s Greg doing? Do you know what Joanna said to me yesterday, you’ll never believe it…”)

9: Get some friends with you to a crowded mall (preferably when there’s a major-sale going on) and form a chain with your arms. Walk really slowly.

10: When going on a bus, sit by a stranger, breathe loud, take plenty of space and if you could spare a few farts or burps, that would be nice.

11: During an exam, blow your nose a lot, cough a lot, change positions every 10 seconds or so, and make sure you’re noisy. And raise your hand a lot and ask the most stupid questions in the world (for example, “Why is this question number 4? It should be number 5” “Hey, did you use recycled paper while making these exams?”)

12: While seeing a movie, laugh intolerably loud at everything unfunny and cry on a stranger’s shoulder when something happy happens.

13: Make disgusting noises while you eat. The more at the table, the merrier! >:D

14: Complain someone’s head off.

15: Brag.

16: Hesitate before every word as if to make sure you’ll pronounce it right. (Example: “…Hey… I… have… to… no, wait… to, tell… you… soooome…. thiiiiing….”)

17: Call someone in the middle of a class, meeting or wherever there’s got to be peace and quiet.

18: Be late for everything.

19: Ask someone this: “Can I ask you a question?”

20: Talk really loud about others’ private business.

21: Ask someone what time it is every minute or so.

22: Pay for whatever you buy in the smallest coin you got.

23: Pretend to know everyone.

24: Stutter.

25: Spit while talking.

26: Always act as if you’re above everyone else. If they try to talk to you, then tell them “Talk to da hand ‘cuz da face won’ lis’en”.

27: Touch someone’s head.

28: Call someone in the middle of the night.

29: Correct people even if they’re right.

30: When someone tells you something, just say “Yeeeeah right” or “Yea whatevah”

31: Act like the fucking disgusting, unoriginal, annoying, fashion-hooked idiots. (Some people also refer to them as ‘preps’)

32: Make lots of noises while chewing on bubblegum.

33: Send/forward chain letters.

34: Stand in the way while someone’s watching TV.

35: Be extra-sensitive and if someone neglects you or rejects you, start crying.

36: When someone talks to you, say “huh?” or “what?” or something like that at least 4 times before you actually hear them right.

37: Make a mess and don’t clean it up.

38: Pretend to be someone you’re not. Hold on to some ridiculous image.

39: While shopping, ask if you can try something on. Call the employee from inside the cubicle, hand them what you were trying on and ask them if they could find one in a different size and bring it to you. When you’ve tried on all sizes, ask them to find that same thing in a different colour. See how long you can play this game before getting kicked out of the store.

40: Give little girlish squee’s and giggles instead of laughing.

41: Don’t take anyone seriously.

42: Every time someone shows you something, criticise it all the way to hell and back.

43: Borrow money from someone and don’t give it back until after a few months.

44: Make up some ridiculous name that’s very hard to remember and refuse to respond to anything else. (For example: Rutkabbuckhahajajahajaha Yioaoauao-Heckka Macchea Buroboru)

45: Pretend that someone who’s trying to talk to you does not exist.

46: Do your best to be really impatient.

47: Expect everyone to be perfect and do everything perfect.

48: Grab someone’s hand and refuse to let go.

49: Keep throwing little, crumbled up paper pieces at someone. If they notice you, just keep going.

50: Answer in questions.

51: When someone exaggerates what they’re saying, (for example, “It was so funny, I laughed my ass off!”) discuss it with them and tell them it doesn’t make sense. (“Your ass doesn’t come off when you laugh, what, are you stupid?!”)

52: Tell stupid jokes and when people don’t get them, call them stupid.

53: If someone asks you to do something, refuse and tell them to stop giving you orders.

54: Sing loud and cover your ears when someone tries to talk to you.

55: Tell a relaxed person to chill.

56: Ask someone “Do you find me irritating?” over and over again and when you start hearing a little irritation in their voice, yell “I knew it!” and run away crying.

57: Every time you see someone you know, (or don’t…) yell ‘HIIII!’ into their ear.

58: Keep telling people the same thing over and over again.

59: Invite yourself to everyone’s party/birthday party.

60: Try to bite someone else’s nails because ‘yours are finished’

I am not responsible for deaths or other injuries of those who try anything of the above on the wrong person. *Bowes* thank you.