mér var sent spam frá Larry swing(eins og ég fæ oft)
ótrúlegt hvað hann gengur langt:

“Will you do me a favor?
Help me create the new version of SwingTracker and have a chance of
winning it for a full year…my expense.

Dear sigurjon,
Hello there my swing trading friend,

Larry Swing here. I am looking to start the creation of the newest edition
of swingtracker…V5.0.

I want to make it the best software you can get on the market today for an
affordable price,and I want you to help me create i t(with your permission of
course!).This will help you tremendously with your own trading goals and
hopefully thicken up your wallet by saving you some money.

If you give me a hand and tell me what you believe swingtracker is missing,
or what you would like to see included in it…we could make swingtracker the
best trading tool since sliced bread. Plus…
I'll give a year subscription to 3 people who respond with the best suggestions.

So let's rock and roll boys and girls and make this software the greatest!
Just send me a list of what you want to see included in SwingTracker…
and you'll have a chance of winning the the new version for a full year.

I will take every idea into consideration…so no holding back please


Thankyou very much for your time,
Larry Swing

p.s.-It would please me greatly if you get involved in this…
I want to create this for you. So send back an email to me with your personal
ideas and plans–all the best!”

Hehe þetta er bara orðið nokkuð fyndið :D
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