Spuni án nafn Svona þar sem Harry Potter er að klárast þá gerði ég spuna í tilnefni þess.

Þetta er framhald af fyrsta spunanum mínum One Last Time sem gerðist fljótlega eftir lokabardaga síðustu bókarinnar. Þessi gerist nokkrum mánuðum síðar. Ég afsaka stafsetninga/málfræðivillur.


Four months have passed. All of the people who had passed at the Battle at Hogwarts have been buried. Harry met Andromeda Tonks at her daughter’s funeral and arranged to meet her and his godson, Ted, twice a week. He felt bad about her. She had lost her husband, her daughter and her son in-law in just a few months. Ted Lupin was the only family she had now. He had promised himself to be as good as a godfather as he could to Ted. He wanted him to have a good family life, unlike his own. He wanted to be the godfather he never had in his youth.

Fleur had become pregnant. It was rather funny to see her stomach uneven, but she looked just as beautiful pregnant as she did before. She and Bill didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, but Fleur hoped it would be a girl. Mrs. Weasley said that that would be great to have a granddaughter, but Ginny was the first girl born in the family for a few generations.

George was dealing with the death of Fred slowly. He had started meeting Angelina Johnson at a café in Diagon Alley after work. Ron has also been given him a help at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes which George has been very grateful for. He, along with Harry and Hermione, was given an opportunity to go back to Hogwarts, but Ron and Harry declined. They had all been offered a job at the Ministry, but Ron said that he wanted to help his brothers first for some time, and Hermione returned to school, studying for the N.E.W.T. exams. Harry accepted the job, and was now learning to become an auror, which he started in July. His training was hard and long, but he enjoyed it, even though it meant less time hanging out with Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the others. He barely celebrated his 18th birthday, but he managed to get at the Burrow in time to have a birthday dinner with the Weasley’s and Hermione.

It was now October. Ginny had, with Hermione, also gone back to Hogwarts for the final time. Harry missed both of them, her and Hermione. It was almost impossible for him and Ron to meet them, mostly because of how much study was for the exams, but also because protection of Hogwarts has been increased since last year. There were still some Death Eaters loose, and the school didn’t take any chance. Ron and Harry had scheduled that they four could meet at Hogsmeade which was today. Ron had taken the day off so he went shortly after he woke up but Harry couldn’t come until the clock was twelve. He left the Ministry and went straight to the town, and met them at the Three Broomsticks, like they had planned. He hugged Hermione and kissed Ginny (around the same time Ron went to the counter to buy them all Butter beers) and they started talking about what had happened to them for the last two months.

“The new Defence against the Dark Arts is really good,” said Hermione. “Probably the best teacher I’ve had for this subject for 4 years”
“He was one of the people who were in the Battle,” said Ginny.
“Who is he?” asked Ron?
“Professor Kloves,” said Hermione. “He is really good at defensive spells.”
“He loves Hermione,” said Ginny with a wide grin on her face. “He actually said to her that she is his favourite student.”
“He doesn’t love me,” said Hermione. “He’s like Slughorn towards Harry.”
“Any other new teacher?” asked Harry.
“There is a new Muggle Studies teacher, Professor Orwell,” said Hermione. “Neville and Dean returned, even though Neville was at the school the whole semester.”
“How’s the training?” Ginny asked Harry.
“Long days, lots of work, many new spells and potions we must learn…and I love it,” said Harry. “The training’s going to last for the next three years. Then I can finally move out,” he added with a smile towards Ron.
Harry has been living with the Weasley’s since Voldemort was killed. He didn’t want to move into the Grimmauld Place. It would just bring more memories of everything that has happened. It was enough being there last fall. Also, he didn’t want to live alone, so he was not planning on leaving the Weasley’s any time soon. There had been no complains about that.
“But when you finally do that…”Ron started but stopped in the middle of the sentence because there had been some heavy noises outside. They all stood up and went out, along with some others who were at the Tree Broomsticks.
People were running towards Hogwarts, with terror in their faces, and about hundred meters from them were about eight Death Eaters and, Harry’s heart dropped, a giant. They were destroying houses, and cursing anyone who was near them. The giant smashed roofs, definitely in a furious mood. All students were retreating, no one near had the guts to face the Death Eaters, “not after the battle,” thought Harry.

“What do we do?” shrieked Hermione. “We have to protect them,” as she was watching third years running away
“Get under here,” said Harry, opening the bag he had brought with him and taking the Invisibility Cloak from it. “You get under here, I try to do something.”
“I’m coming with you. This can’t cover all of us,” said Ron.

Harry gave the Cloak to Hermione and he and Ron ran into an alleyway across the road. The girls went under the Cloak and went back into Three Broomsticks. They planned on casting spells at them when they would go pass the door.
Harry and Ron also waited by the alleyway, hoping that reinforcement would arrive. Teachers, 7th year students, others. It didn’t matter, thought Harry. About a minute later, the Death Eaters had arrived, and Harry and Ron attacked at the same time.

“Stupefy,” they both shouted. One of the Death Eaters got hit by the spells and flew few feet in the air before hitting the opposite wall, unconscious.
“It’s Potter,” shouted one of the Death Eaters. But before they could do anything, Ginny and Hermione attacked from the other side. Either of their spell hit one, which fell on the ground, shouting in pain. Harry and Ron used this moment to run across the corner of the house. The Death Eaters followed them while the giant was still smashing everything around him. Harry and Ron ran around the back of the houses until one door opened. They used the opportunity and went in. They realized right away that it was The Hog’s Head. But it wasn’t Aberforth worth had opened for them. It was Neville.

“Neville. What are you doing here?” asked Ron.
“When I saw the Death Eaters I went here immediately. I would’ve attacked if it wasn’t for this giant. I sent message with there,” and showed the coin he had gotten long time ago in Dumbledore’s Army, “and I’m still waiting for someone. Did you get here because of this?”
“No, we were here already,” said Harry and suddenly started worrying about Hermione and Ginny. Where were they, were they okay, or did the Death Eaters started looking for them? Harry’s concerns didn’t last long because the door they came into was blasted and in came three Death Eaters.
“Kill them all,” said the same Death Eaters who had recognized Harry. “Avada Kedavra.”

The killing curse would have gone straight to Harry’s chest if he had not moved from the spot immediately. Ron and Neville started attacking them, but they were fast doing the Protect Charm. Aberforth came from the second floor but one of the Death Eaters stupefied him when he was at the land of the stairs.
“Stupefy,” shouted Neville, hitting one of the Death Eaters, who fell on the ground. This, somehow, caused the other two Death Eaters to retreat with their stunned companion . Ron, Harry and Neville were cautious for the next few minutes but later realized that the Death Eaters had indeed retreated. They had been listening for some sounds outside but they heard nothing.

“They can’t have left Hogsmeade. We haven’t defeated many of them,” said Harry, uncomfortably.
“Maybe they are planning something”, said Neville, looking through the window showing the main street. “A few people from Dumbledore’s Army and some others have arrived. I see Oliver Wood…..George….Lee Jordan, I can’t see the faces on the others, but they are maybe 9.”
“Do you see Hermione?” asked Ron.

The back door opened. The boy’s wands were ready but nobody was at the door. While they were trying to find a reason why the door opened, one of the chairs moved.
Harry realized that someone have stolen his Invisibility Cloak. He rushed to the chair before the Death Eater could say the spell. He felt something invisible and shoved it on the floor, taking the Cloak off him. He saw that this was Alecto Carrow, who must have escaped Hogwarts before she was arrested. She had an evil smile on her face and she was eyeing the door.

Harry turned his head. He saw Ginny and a Death Eater pointing his wand at her. He also heard noises outside. The giant must have come again. All other wizards must have been near him, so he knew that no one had heard something happening at the Hog’s Heads. Harry dropped his wand immediately, followed by Neville and Ron.

“Finally,” said the Death Eaters aiming his wand at Harry. Alecto joined him, pointing her wand at the other two. “We have Harry Potter. And the Dark Lord is not here to say we can’t kill you. Say goodbye to your life, Potter.”
Ginny was trying to free her hand, but Alecto and the other Death Eater held her fast. She got her left hand free and elbowed the Death Eater in the crotch. Neville hurried to pick his wand, aimed him at the Death Eater who fell, petrified, at the floor. Alecto punched Ginny aside.

“Expelliarmus,” she shouted towards Neville, who dropped his wand. She pointed her wand at Ron. “CRUCIO.”
Ron fell on the ground, agonizing in pain. Alecto turned who Harry, but he had taken his wand.
“Stupefy,” said Harry harshly, hitting Alecto on the chest, felling instantly.
“Ron, are you okay?” asked Harry. Neville was mean while checking on Ginny.
“How do you think I am,” said Ron, standing up and walking towards Alecto. Harry would have stopped him, but because Alecto had used the cruciatus curse at Ron, he didn’t try to stop Ron, who had started punching her everywhere he could, and Ron wasn’t stopping soon. Blood started appearing on her face along with bruises. Her body was probably not in better shape.

“Ron, stop. Stop or you’ll kill her.” said Neville.
“So, what,” said Ron fiercely. “She used an unforgiveable curse on me. She and the other could have killed us all. They almost killed Harry and Ginny.
“And are you in better position to kill somebody?” said Neville angry.

Ron seemed to have realized what he was doing when Neville said that. He got off Alecto and walking away from her, slowly.
“I’m going to look for Hermione,” said Ron, storming out. Harry went to heal Ginny’s bruise while Neville kept an eye on the Death Eaters. They started hearing noises outside and realized that the Ministry had finally come to stop the giant. Harry looked at the clock behind the counter. It was three o’clock.

“What happened?” he asked Ginny.
“Hermione and I got separated and I was petrified by those two. I don’t know how they got the Cloak. Hermione had her when we were torn apart.”
The unknown Death Eater started to move. Neville noticed and pointed his wand at him. The Death Eater turned his head towards Harry.
“It’s not over yet, Potter,” he said. Even though his voice wasn’t like he remembered, Harry thought he knew who was behind the mask. Neville took it of him, showing Stan Shunpike with an evil grin.

It was then that Harry realized that he have never been hexed with the Imperius curse, or forced to join Voldemort. He saw in his eyes hatred and evil, and knew that Stan Shunpike had joined the Death Eater at his own will, and has been for the last 2 years.
“Why?” asked Harry with as much disgust in his voice as possible.
“Why? Because I hate Muggles. They have been torturing and hating us for too long. And they never get the same treatment as they had shown us. And we have to accept some mudbloods as our own kind. People who’ve never knew about this? The Dark Lord gave me hope for our kind. We can’t show magic towards the mudbloods and we must dress like them, it’s us that are underground, hiding. Why not the other way? We are the superior, we can easily defeat them, and it’s about time we show it. You killed the Dark Lord, Potter, and you will never be safe. You think this was a tough fight? You ain’t seen nothing yet. By the way, where’s this…Hermione? Do you really think she’s safe? We had your invisibility cloak. Do you maybe think I know?”

Harry suddenly had a big urge to treat Stan the same way Ron was to Alecto. He couldn’t believe that Stan was like this, and enjoyed building the tension inside about Hermione whereabouts. Neville acted before him by hitting him few times in the face, leaving him unconscious.
“Harry, go find Hermione,” he said. “I can watch over them.”
“I can help him, “said Ginny with a secure tone. She stood up, kissed Harry and went to Neville. Harry also stood up and went outside.
Hogsmeade had changed since he saw it last time. Some of the rooftops had been smashed by the giant, and there were more than a few people lying on the ground. Harry saw, with a relief, that none of the nearest seemed to be a corpse. Up the road, Harry the giant lying surrounded by Ministry wizards, teachers and members of both DA and Order of the Phoenix. Harry first went to The Three Broomsticks to look for Ron and Hermione. But the only one there was George, drinking fire whisky for celebration.

“There you are, Harry,” he said with a smile. “I was beginning to wonder that you wouldn’t show at all. You never miss a fight.”
“I have been here for a while. Have you seen Ron or Hermione?”
“No, haven’t seen them. Is Ginny here too?”
“Don’t worry, she’s alright at the Hog’s Head,” said Harry and ran outside.
“Wait, what about…”

Harry ran towards the giant, looking through every window on the way but he did not see them. When he came to the wizards surrounding the giant, he did not see them either there.
“Where can they be?” thought Harry to himself. He started to become very worried. What if something has happened to them?
“How many Death Eaters has been captured?” asked Harry the nearest wizard.
“Five,” said the wizards.
Harry’s heart sank. There were five captured plus the two he had captured. That meant that one Death Eater was still loose. He ran back to the main street trying better to look for them. He went to Honeydukes, but no one was there. He went to the Post Office but he only saw Dean Thomas there and left without saying anything. He went back to the Hog’s Head and found a few Order members with Neville and the Death Eaters. He went in and only saw Aberforth sitting on a chair, annoyed. Before he could say anything, Harry went out again. He then went to Zonko’s Joke Shop where Luna Lovegood was chatting with Ginny.

“Have you seen Ron or Hermione?” he asked, almost shouting with anxiety.
“You haven’t found them?” said Ginny worried. “Come on Luna, let’s find them”
Luna and Ginny followed Harry, who had already running down the street. He saw that most of the people who had been near had went where the giant was, along with the unconscious ones. Suddenly, he realized that almost no one was left near where he was. No one, except for him, Ginny and Luna. They finally caught up with him, looking anywhere for them. Luna decided to check if they were among the other wizards, and soon left. Harry looked hopelessly at all direction, looking for them. They looked around them for a few times before the tension killed Harry.

“In here, Potter”
Someone had said these words behind Harry. He looked and saw Honeydukes. He stormed in, searching for the one who said it, but he found no one. He looked under the counter, in the other room, even the restroom. He eventually was in the basement with Ginny, but found nothing. He looked at Ginny, as she did. They then both turned their heads down, seeing the secret door to the passage way Harry used in his 3rd year to sneak into Hogsmeade. He opened it and went down, followed by Ginny.

Harry saw Ron and Hermione, and, few feet from them, Alecto’s brother, Amycus. Hermione had a nasty cut in her face and had blood everywhere on her, shaking with fear and Ron was bruised all over his face, blood everywhere on him, he had a broken arm, his clothes were ripped, and was unconscious. Neither of them had their wands or the energy to sit.
“Nice of you to join us, we’re having the time of our life,” said Amycus. He looked part happy, part furious. “I decided to show you friend here what happens when someone attacks my sister. Now, both of you: Let go off your wands.”
“We’re two against you, alone,” said Harry. “We can easily stun you before you can do anything.”
“Do you want to bet it? Do you think I can’t kill either one of them before you can take me out? The ginger is almost dead anyway. So…do you want to see your friends die because you think you are creatively capable of defeating me before I can do anything?”

These words seemed to force Harry’s wand down. Ginny followed him, but neither of them dropped it yet.
“That’s right. You ain’t special,” said Amycus victorious. “You killed The Dark Lord because of luck. You came back from the death because of luck. You had survived all because of luck. But I’m about to turn it over”
Harry quickly raised his wands thinking “stupefy” but he hadn’t noticed that Amycus had already put a protect charm around him. He pointed his wand towards Harry and repaid the spell to Harry, who fell down, while he was thinking how he could be that stupid to not recognize the protect charm around Amycus. He turned his wand to Ginny and Ginny turned her to him.

“Expelliarmus,” they both said at the same time and both of their wands flew aside. Before Ginny could do anything, Amycus took a wand from his pocket, Hermione’s wand.
“Well, that was stupid beyond anything I’ve seen. Amazing what people can do when they are furious”, he said, eyeing Ron. He turned his wand towards Harry.
“Crucio,” he said. The pain waked Harry up, and he tried as much as he could not to make a sound, but it failed eventually.
“Well, goodbye, Harry,” he said, getting ready to kill him.
Ginny ran towards him, running so fast that Amycus didn’t have time to jinx her before she took him down. She tried to take his wand but Amycus eventually had the upper hand, and shoved her aside. He stood up, pointing his wand at Harry.

Alecto fell down, shouting in pain and after some time, he lied still, not having the energy to stand up.
Harry stood up, with Ginny near him. They turned to the way to the Honeyduke’s basement and saw a wand in the thin air. A hand came out of nowhere and grabbed something invisible. The hand took the Invisibility Cloak from the person wearing it, revealing Draco Malfoy. He looked with disgust at Amycus and his facial expression didn’t change much when he turned his eyes to Harry.
“Now we’re even, Potter” he said, almost spitting the words and hurrying back to the ground, leaving the Cloak behind. Harry looked for a moment at the place he saw Malfoy before he went from eyesight. He was almost shocked that Malfoy had saved all of their lives.

Harry turned around and saw Hermione and Ginny trying to heal Ron’s wound with their wands. Harry now finally saw how badly Alceto had hurt both of them. There were bruises everywhere, their hair and head was covered in blood and Ron’s right leg was badly out of context. Harry took his wand and tried to heal both Ron and Hermione. After a while, Hermione’s face was clean from blood, the bruises were fewer and Ron’s broken leg had gotten a support so he could walk with help from Hermione. They decided to go back to the ground so they could get proper help.
When they got to the ground (they left Alecto well tied in the basement), a few Ministry workers were nearby who went straight to them when they saw them, including Arthur Weasley, who couldn’t believe Ron was there, bruised, covered in blood and couldn’t walk.
“What happened? What the hell happened? Who did this Ron?” asked Arthur. “Tell me, Ron”
“Mr. Weasley,” said Harry. “You have to take him to Mungo quickly. We can talk to you later, just take him, now”
Arthur hesitated, but didn’t ask Ron again, took his and disapparated with him and Hermione. Ginny and Harry were now almost alone in Hogsmeade. They saw a few people in distance guarding the giant, but most other people had left the place. Harry took a look at his watch he got for his 17th birthday. It was half past five. They had been longer underground but he had realized.
“Can you take me to the school?” asked Ginny. “I’m sure Mom’s going to be here soon,”

They started walking but didn’t say much. Ginny had no idea how bad Harry was feeling. He had almost killed all of them, because he was spontaneous and didn’t think probably.
“Ginny, I’m sorry”
“For what?”
“I almost killed us all. I didn’t notice he had put a protective charm just before we came. I almost killed us all because…” he hesitated because he was about to say something he had denied few hours before Sirius had died, “I wanted to be the hero”
“But you’ve saved us all before because of that. I don’t blame you for what happened. You were just seconds ahead of me. I wanted to kill him for what he had done.” She kissed him on the cheek, and they both stopped. “Don’t blame yourself. Nothing of what happened today is because of you. It’s not your fault.”

The words calmed Ginny. She had always been good at this with Harry. He kissed her on the lips, in which she returned.
“I love you, Ginny.”
I love you too, Harry”
He took her hand and they started walking again. Harry was smiling, thinking no matter what more danger would be in the future, he could always count on the people near him to defeat it.


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