Þetta er spuni sem ég hef verið að vinna við undanfarið, en fjallar aðalega um Ginny, síðari hluta á 3. ári hennar. Þetta hefði mátt vera lengra en 3500 orð er alveg nógu mikið.
Btw, það sem skástrikað er annað hvort hugsanir eða nótur í dagbókina hennar Ginny.


“I can’t believe myself, I am so freaking stupid. I had the opportunity of my lifetime and I blew it on the second I was offered it. I didn’t even think; I just acted spontaneously. If I had waited and thought this through I would have been going to the Yule Ball with Harry. Ron suggested it but I said no. I felt so bad after I found out that Harry had asked Cho to the ball, I didn’t want to rebound, even though it was him; sweet, cute, great Harry. So I lied when Ron said that I was going to the ball with Neville Longbottom. So what does Harry do after this? Ask the first other girl he sees, I think her name is Parvati. Why didn’t I just say yes? Then I would be going to the ball with Harry. I had actually started picturing it in my head: us dancing in the night, talking about each other, maybe even end the night with a kiss. Even the thought gives me a tickle in the stomach. But now I have to go sleep, I have to ask Neville to take me to the dance tomorrow.”

Ginny locked her diary and went to bed. She was very depressed over what had happened and wanted to make up for it to Harry. But she couldn’t now, it was too late. Slowly, she managed to fall asleep, and woke up the next morning in a total mess. She got dressed, brushed up and went for breakfast. She met Hermione there and started telling her what happened.

“…so I lied that I was going with Neville, and he asked Parvati right away,” she finished.
“That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? But I’m sure that Harry wanted to go out with you,” said Hermione.
“Why then did he ask Cho, and not me?” Ginny said, her face starting to turn red.
“Calm down Ginny, you could’ve been number two.”
“I don’t want to be number two. I want to be number one,” Ginny said, still getting redder but tried to look natural when she noticed that Harry and Ron were coming from the Great Hall. “Should I just say that I want to go to the ball with him?”
“You can try, you can’t lose.”
“What if he rejects me? What if he wants to go with her so bad?”
“You don’t know if you don’t try, Ginny. Trust me, it won’t look bad.”
At that moment, Ron and Harry sat down and got some oatmeal, eggs and juice.
“Well, it’s official,” said Ron. “We’re going to the ball with Parvati and Padma Patil…” He looked at Hermione. “See? That wasn’t so hard. Why don’t return the favour and tell us who’s taking you?
“It’s my business Ron, bugger off. Harry, are you sure you want to go with Parvati?” Hermione asked.
“Sure, she’s nice, and there aren’t many girls left in the school that don’t have a date already,” Harry replied.
For the next few minutes Hermione tried to use eye-contact to Harry to hint that Ginny was still available. Ginny herself hadn’t talked since Harry had shown up, so Hermione basically tried to take matters into her own hands. Her eye-contact-hint didn’t work well since Ron was talking at a million at him about their last lesson in DADA. Ginny didn’t notice anything. She had chickened out and just stood next to Hermione, staring at Harry’s untidy hair. After a few minutes, the boys finished their food and headed for the first lesson. Hermione looked at Ginny, who was getting back to herself.
“Ok, I flinched out, so what,” Ginny said after Hermione asked her without words why she hadn’t done anything. “He’s happy to go with Parvati. What can I do about it?”
“I don’t know. But how am I supposed to tell them that Viktor asked me?” Hermione said.
“Oh, it’s so hard to say that you’re going with a Quidditch-star,” Ginny said sarcastically, obviously very irritated that her plan didn’t work out. “You might die if you say it wrong.”
“Oh, knock it of Ginny. It’s not like that. I just don’t think that Ron will take it very well. But what are you going to do?”
“I guess I have to ask Neville if he want to go with me,” said Ginny and stood up and went for class.

“Well, after following him almost through the whole school, I finally caught Neville and we made a deal that he would take me to the ball. He is alright, but he is just so clumsy. I hope that he knows how to dance. I’m not too good at it, but I have gotten some instructions from my friends. I have also noticed that Harry isn’t too happy that he is going with Parvati, he probably wanted to go out with that Cho girl much more. Why couldn’t he have asked me? I want him so much.”

Half past seven on Christmas day, Ginny was ready to go to the ball. She was wearing an orange dress that her mother had bought for her a few weeks ago. She had along with it a bronze necklace and red high-heels. Not exactly the clothes she had thought of when she would be heading for her first dance, but she didn’t complain. She was happy that she was going to the dance, even though she would give everything to go there with Harry.
Neville arrived in the common room shortly after Ginny had. He was wearing a black suit with a dark-green bow on his neck. Ginny went to him and greeted him. He didn’t say anything, but smiled nervously at her. She took his hand and they went to the Entrance Hall.

“Nervous?” Ginny asked Neville. He nodded. They saw that a few people they knew were already there. They saw Dean Thomas with a girl who had blonde hair. Ginny didn’t know her by name, but she knew that this girl usually had her hair in pigtails. They saw Colin Creevy, Ginny’s classmate, with another blonde girl. She almost looked as if she didn’t know what was going on. She was just sitting next to her partner, looking at the ceiling. Ginny was in some classes with her and was sure that she was in Ravenclaw. They also saw Viktor Krum, the only champion who had arrived, looking at the top of the stairs, waiting for Hermione. She arrived 3 minutes later, which caused Neville to stare at her.
“She’s going with Krum? No wonder she didn’t want to go with me,” he said.
“There, there. He asked her first, and you aren’t a bad choice;” said Ginny with a sympathised voice.
5 minutes before the dance, Ron, Harry and Parvati arrived. Ginny and Neville found it difficult to hold their laugh, which caused Ron to be as red as his formal wearing. Ginny noticed that Harry looked glad. She wasn’t too happy about it. “Why couldn’t I just have said yes? I’m so stupid,” she thought. Padma had come to them, and looked at Ron’s clothes with a weird face. Neville was still trying to hide his smile, but Ginny didn’t notice anything.

The door to the Great Hall opened and Ginny and Neville walked in after Ron and Padma. They found seats to a table which was already occupied by Colin and his date. Ginny looked at the other side of the Hall and saw Harry leading Parvati to her seat. This sight didn’t cheer her so she looked else where. She saw Ron, who was actually looking worse than her. He had probably seen Viktor’s date. He looked at the champion’s table with a frustrated look. Ginny turned around to the others at her table.

“Hi, my name is Luna Lovegood, we go to Herbology and Charms together,” said the girl with the long blonde hair. Neville wasn’t very happy that they were on this table; she must have been talking while Ginny was looking over the room.
“Hi, my name is Ginny Weasley,” she said.
“Yes, I know. I actually don’t live so far from you. You live at the Burrow, right? My and I live a few miles from you. You have maybe seen the house? It has three stories and is without any corner. Have you never seen it?” she said without breathing. This completely broke Ginny, and she couldn’t say anything for a minute. Luna didn’t mind though, as Colin was talking to her about his new camera and all its details.
“Don’t worry, we can leave once the music starts,” said Ginny. Neville smiled and looked at his menu.
One hour later, after two meals, and after many words spoken by Luna and Colin, the band had arrived. Ginny saw, with agony inside her, Harry and Parvati dancing. She wanted to talk to him, but she was too nervous to do it. She didn’t even know what to talk about. Neville, who hadn’t noticed anything suspicious about her, stood up and offered his hand to her. She took it and they walked together to the dance floor and started dancing.

"It isn’t too bad,“ she thought, even though Neville had at the moment stepped on her foot for the fifth time. ”At least we aren’t making a scene like they are," she thought when she saw Fred and Angelina taking ¼ of the floors space, due to Fred’s activism. After a few dances, Neville let go of Ginny and said “I have to go to bed, I promised professor Sprout that I would help her with the Mandrakes early tomorrow and I have to do some preparation first. I am very sorry; I hope you aren’t too mad about it.”
“Yeah, it’s okay, I can find somebody to talk with. Thanks for the night,” she said and hugged him with one hand.

For the next minutes, Ginny tried to find Hermione, but couldn’t. All of a sudden she heard someone cry “DON’T CALL HIM VICKY,” and turned around. She found Hermione walking out of the room. Near her, she saw Harry and Ron. She started walking towards when someone picked her and said “May I have the next dance?”
She turned around and saw a boy she didn’t know. He was dark with short hair, tall and pretty handsome. He had his hand raised to her and looked into her eyes, nobody had ever looked at her like that.
“Sure,” said Ginny with a little smile. She wasn’t used to this. The Weird Sisters started their next song and the boy and Ginny danced over it. Ginny noticed that Dumbledore was dancing with Sprout and Hagrid took one fourth of the dancing space with the Beauxbatons mistress. She looked the other way to Harry and Ron and saw that Percy had taken a seat next to them. She grinned over Ron’s expression of that. As the song kept going she noticed that the boy was in fact a very good dancer. She had never seen him before. He started looking into her eyes, which caused Ginny to blush a little, but not as much as when Harry looked at her.

After the song had ended the boy asked for another dance. Ginny was going to say that she was thinking of going to her brother, but when she saw that he and Harry were heading out, so she accepted another dance.
After about five dances, the boy asked Ginny if she would sit down with him and talk. She didn’t see anything wrong with it so she did.
“Aren’t you Ron’s sister?” he asked.
“Yeah, actually I am. You know him?” she asked.
“Yes, we are in some classes together, we are the same age, but I am in Ravenclaw. It’s Ginny, right?”
“Yes, but who are you?” Ginny asked, trying not to make it sound too rude. They had just spent a lot of time together.
“Michel Corner. Haven’t you ever seen me?”
“No, not that I know of.”
“I have actually noticed you much lately. You look pretty tonight,” Michael added with a smile.
“Thanks, you aren’t so bad either,” said Ginny and blushed more than before.

They talked for about an hour, until the ball finished and the guests started heading for their dormitories. They said goodbye to each other and both headed to their separate dormitory. When Ginny arrived she saw Ron and Hermione fighting. She wanted to tell Hermione about how the night had gone but didn’t want to when Hermione was like this. She went to her room without speaking to either of them.
Because of Christmas and the fact that Hermione was still angry at Ron, Ginny totally forgot to talk to her about Michael Corner. She didn’t meet him at all the rest of Christmas. She met him a few times in the Great Hall, but he was always surrounded by his friends. He always smiled at her, and she did the same and always blushed. It wasn’t until in late January that they met each other in the Entrance Hall without any friends around them. They walked together around the school and talked about much stuff. After some time, they stopped at the Entrance Hall.
“Well, this was fun,” said Ginny.
“Sure was, maybe we should do this again,” said Michael.
“That’ll be nice, the next time we bump into each other unaccompanied.”
The said goodbye to each other and went their separate ways.

Due to Ginny’s many homework, she had little time outside the classes, the library or the common room, given alone meeting Michael again. The next time she saw him was during the second task. She smiled a little at him for a few moments before the champions dived into the water and he did the same to her. She totally forgot almost everything about him over the next hour. She was very worried what had happened to Harry, where Ron and Hermione were, and because of the fact that the Beauxbatons champion had returned to the surface, and was very terrified over something. That didn’t add well to Ginny’s worries over Harry. She later saw Hermione coming out of the water with Viktor and assumed that Harry was supposed to save Ron. The one hour had finished and no sign of Harry or Ron. “What if something happened to Harry,” she thought, while breathing fast. Finally, she saw Harry and Ron coming out of the water. She tried to go to him but couldn’t because of all the people near them, including Percy, who wouldn’t let go of Ron. She noticed that Harry had his eyes on Cho, who was very close to Cedric, and his expression showed disappointment combined with sadness. Ginny left without talking to anybody, with one tear in her eye.

Two weeks later, she was in the library, and had just finished her assignment. She didn’t know what to do.
Why can’t he notice me? Why does he have to have a crush on that bitch who’s seeing Cedric? I don’t know what to do. Maybe Hermione has some advice for me, but that wouldn’t solve anything. She has her love by her, and I have nothing.” Her mind was at a million, thinking about Harry.
She finally decided to leave the library. When she stepped outside, she saw him. She hadn’t expected to see him; she hadn’t seen him for a month.
“Hi, long time no see,” said Ginny.
“Yes, too long. Would you walk with me to the Entrance Hall?” said Michael.
Ginny accepted and they started walking. On the way they talked about the tournament and who they found to be most likely to win. They both agreed on Harry, and Michael said he had put all his doubts on him behind after the first task. When they arrived at the Entrance Hall, Michael said that he was going to meet his friends inside the Great Hall.
“Thanks for the walk,” he said.
“That was no problem. So long,” said Ginny and started walking up the stairs.
“Wait,” said Michael and walked to her. “Would you like to come with me to Hogsmeade, I think the next trip is in two weeks.
Ginny didn’t answer right away. She found a weird feeling, a boy asking her out. She didn’t know what do to, maybe she still had a shot at Harry, and she had to be sure about that first. “Maybe Hermione can help me” she thought. She came back to reality when Michael changed his facial expression which meant that she had been thinking for some time.
“I’ll let you know, okay?” she said.
“Good enough for me,” he said and kissed her on her cheek and went down. Ginny stood there a minute and felt her cheek. All those new feeling took over her; she didn’t know what do to. She didn’t know if she had feelings for him. “He’s fun and all,” she thought, “but he’s not the one I really want.” She thought about this over the next minutes while she went to the common room.

She saw Hermione studying with Ron, Harry was nowhere near. She went to them and asked to talk to Hermione privately. They went to Ginny’s dorm room.
“What’s up Gin?” asked Hermione.
Ginny decided to get to the subject right away. “You know Michael Corner, don’t you? I met him at the Yule ball and have met him a few times after that. He just asked me out to Hogsmeade.”
“Ohh, I thought this was something serious. Congratulations, Ginny,” said Hermione with a smile. Ginny didn’t like her new smile.
“It is serious. I don’t know if I want to do. He’s a great guy, but I don’t feel the same way about him as I do about Harry. Do you think I have a shot?”
“Ginny,” said Hermione and took a deep breath. “This is going to be hard for me to say but, Harry doesn’t fancy you. He likes you, but just as Ron’s sister. You aren’t yourself when you are around him. You always get shy and talk very little when he’s around. He has to see you as yourself; you have to relax a bit around him. If you can be in a relaxed state and be yourself around him, he might eventually fancy you, but not until. It might take some time, but I think it will be worth it. At least you will probably be better friends. And if you like Michael, I suggest you accept his offer. You can’t always trust that one day, Harry will start fancying you, but you can still hope for it.”

Ginny didn’t say anything for some time. It was bad, but it was right. She had actually never had a good conversation with Harry. She couldn’t fight the shyness towards him, it was too hard. Maybe going out with other guys might help, and Michael was a very sweet boy. She thanked Hermione for the advice, and they went to the common room.
Ron was still doing his homework and was now accompanied by Harry. When the girls sat down next to them the boys said hi, and asked Hermione for help with their homework in History of Magic, which she eventually accepted. While she was looking through their essays, Ginny had build up courage and said to Harry: “Harry, you were very good at the second task.”
“Thanks Ginny,” said Harry, without looking up from his homework.
“No, I really mean it. Dumbledore said that you waited down there upon the safety of the others, that was very brave of you,” she said with a bit harsher tone. Harry looked up, not knowing exactly what to say.
“Thanks, it really means a lot to me,” he said and turned to Hermione to hear what she was saying.
Ginny went for bed about an hour later, saying goodnight to them all. When she had gone to her bed, she was very proud of herself. She had talked to Harry without hesitating and turning red. He was about to get to know the real Ginny.

The date with Michael in Hogsmeade was very good, it went better than I had expected. We went to a ton of places, too many to mention. I think the best part was at The Three Broomsticks, we talked for about two hours. He’s very fun, and actually pretty handsome. Because of the exams, we probably find it hard to meet each other, but we have promised to meet the first weekend after the school has finished.
Wow, I can’t believe that I am meeting someone I like, and it’s not Harry.


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