Ritgerð sem ég skrifaði um Harry Potter 4..á ensku Ég veit ekki alveg hvort það sé rétt að senda þetta hingað. En allavega þetta var lokaritgerðin mín á þessu ári(10.bekk) í ensku.

Word explanation
Goblet of Fire: A magic cup that possible candidates of the Triwizard competition put their names in.

Quidditch: The main wizard sport, played on brooms in the air

Muggle: A human that doesn’t know about magic or the hidden magic world

Triwizard competition: A competition held within the wizard schools Hogwarts, Durmstang and Beuxbaton. It’s held every four years. It contains three different tests that test various skills of magic.

The Dark Mark: It’s a powerful spell that the dark lord Voldemort used to summon his minions. It’s only known by him and his closed circle of influence

Avada Kedavra curse: One of the most powerful spells known to the magic wielders. If said with enough zeal it can kill a person. It’s one of the unforgivable curses.

Crucio curse: The Crucio is a terrible curse that makes the wizard hit by hit suffer the most horrific pain. It’s on of the unforgivable curses.

Unforgivable curses: If a wizard wields any of the three unforgivable curses to another human being he’s sent straight to Azkaban.

Azkaban: The wizard prison with the most security of all wizard prisons. It’s guarded by Dementors

Dementors: They are terrible humanoid monster that suck the life-force and happiness out of everyone near them temporarily.

Portkey: A wizard can enhance an item if any kind to work as a portkey. Portkey can move you hundreds of miles in a second to the opposite portkey.

Hogwarts express: The train that carries students of Hogwarts to school and back home. To take it you must walk through the wall between platforms nine and ten.

Veritaserum: A powerful truth-potion that makes the drinker spill out everything the giver wants him to say.

Death Eaters: Voltemort’s elite, they were his right hand and closed of companions. They are all marked with a tattoo of the Dark Mark that glows when it’s shot up.

Knuts, Sickles and Galleons: The wizards money Knuts being the least valuable and Galleons being the most valuable.

Magic-Duel: When two wizard fight with their wand’s many kinds of ethical rules apply in those, for example to bow to your adversary.

Harry Potter’s parents were fighters of good and were killed when Harry was one years old. The dark lord, Voldemort killed his mother and father. When he turned and tried to kill Harry with the Avada Kedavra curse it rebounded on him and Voltemort died. Because Voltemort had made some arrangements to cheat death, only his body died. His spirit fled and he was powerless. The dark cloud that had lain over the wizard world had lifted and wizard rejoiced. Harry was but to his muggle aunt which hated magic and everything about it. So she and her husband oppressed him for 11 years before he got invited to Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry. He had neither known about the world of magic nor that he was highly known within the magic-society. On Harry Potter’s face is a big scar that came after Voltemort cursed him with Avada Kedavra. Harry is also the only human to survive a direct hit of the curse.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is about Harry Potter who is a wizard student. He is fourteen in the book that takes place mainly in a secret magic school in Britain. The book begins with a little introduction.
An old muggle (man that doesn’t know magic) is a man-servant as well as a gardener in a house that has been empty for years. It’s told that everyone in the town thinks he killed the people that used to live in the house he now manages. He was cleared but everyone has been brought up with the stories of the killing of the Riddle family that happened forty years ago.
The gardener was deaf and teenagers in the village like to come up to the mansion and make fun at him. One night he woke up and saw light in the old mansion and thinks the boys have lit the place. When he enters the house he hears two men talking about the World Cup in Quidditch. And they also talked about killing someone.
He runs into the room and tells them he’s got enough evidence to call the police. The wizard laughs at the foolish muggle and kills him with the death spell, Avada Kadavra.
Harry Potter wakes up with a burning pain in his scar on his forehead, which Voldemort gave him. He had seen this happen out of the eyes of the old muggle but he couldn’t quiet remember properly where this was or what they were talking about, but he remembered on thing, these two men were Wormsnail and Voltemort and they were going to kill him. Harry was in his school leave with his dreadful stepfamily, the Dursley’s. They were terrible to him as usual. In the mid-summer he got invited by his best friend, Ron to go to the world cup in Quidditch and he’s is allowed to go by the Dursley’s, with one proviso, he would stay at Ron’s family the rest of summer. After the world cup someone shots up the Dark Mark.
Harry is the Quidditchseeker at his board at Hogwarts. So he’s very disappointed when he finds out when arriving at Hogwarts that the Quidditchcup has been canceled this year because of a Triwizard competition. And there are two other magic schools coming to Hogwarts to compete.
Only sixth class students and older are allowed to compete so Harry and his friends are very disappointed that they can’t compete. But when the “results” were pronounced Cedric Diggory was selected from Hogwarts, Viktor Krum was selected from Durmstrang, Fleur Delacour from Beuxbaton. But when everyone were getting ready to eat the fourth name came out of the decider, Harry Potter’s name.
Harry is a fourth year student and everyone was surprised that his name came out. But it was settled Harry Potter would be the fourth contestant, because it was binding magic-contract and contestants can’t cancel their involvement.
Ron is furious with Harry and doesn’t believe him when he tells him that he didn’t put his name in the goblet. The first task was arranged. Contestants were not supposed to know anything about the task before the day of the test. But as cheating has been part of the Triwizard for centuries, Hagrid, the school-warden showed him the dragons that were supposed to be in the first task. After the ceremony that declared the champions Draco Malfoy, Harry’s archenemy began distributing badges that showed: Harry sucks; and showed as well: go Cedric, the real Hogwarts champion. This depressed Harry a lot because many students were using them, not only Slytherin student but Rawenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

In the first task contestants were going to get past a full grown fire-spewing dragon. Harry was a brilliant broom-flyer, so he decided to use the summoning charm, Accio. He used it to summon his broom to him and flied past the dragon without getting a scratch. He got 40 out of 50 from the judges. Harry was second after only Viktor Krum. They were given a golden egg, which was supposed to be the hint for the next task.
The next task was arranged at 24.February. Meanwhile Ron and Harry were friends again as Ron didn’t believe Harry would be so stupid to wanting to compete in the Triwizard competition. Hermione, his other best friend was forming a club on house elves rights. House elves are treated like shit in the magic world; they work without pay and without any honor or leaves. As Harry told Cedric that they were going to face dragons in the task, the student from Rawenclaw and Hufflepuff wearing Draco’s badges decreased. Harry thought that Cedric talked to them.
Harry had a crush on a fifth year girl, Cho which is in Rawenclaw. He has difficulties to talk to her but manages to ask her to the Yule-ball but she said no because she was going with Cedric. Hermione went with Viktor Krum. Harry and Ron went with the twins, Padma and Parvati. They didn’t hang around them so they went with to guys from Beuxbaton.
After Christmas Harry was very stressed, because of the second task, for he hadn’t even tried to solve the mystery of the golden egg. He tried many different things but none worked. There was only a month to the second task when he met Cedric in the halls. Cedric advised him to take the egg with him to a bath. So he did and got a riddle out of the egg. The riddle told him that the person he cared the most for would be taken underwater and he was supposed to go and get them within one hour. Harry used the last two weeks to try various ideas he had about how he could get his most precious person out of the Hogwarts Lake. It was not until the morning before the task that his friend Dobby, the house elf gave him some breathing powder he stole from the potions teachers’ office.
He ate it before he went underwater and was the fastest to get to the hostages, but waited for the others because he thought they would be killed if the others wouldn’t make it in an hour. Therefore he came up third trailing Viktor and Cedric.
He carried Fleurs hostage, her sister, as well as Ron. Harry came long after the time limit but was awarded forty-five points, because most of the judges thought Harry’s acts were courageous.
He and Cedric were now tied at first place. The next task would be 24th of June. The third task is pretty straight forward; there’s a maze and inside it is the Triwizardcup. The leading contestant will enter the maze first and then the next and so forward. Cedric and Harry would go in first. Then Viktor and last would be Fleur. Inside the Maze will be various magical creatures as well as traps. After Harry and the others were shown the maze, Viktor asked Harry to come and talk to him for a minute. They went to the edge of the forest.
Then Viktor asked him if he and Hermione were involved in some way. Harry said that they were just friends. Viktor was relived because he was attracted to her. Then Mr. Crouch (on of the judges) came running out of the forest, but he had been lost for a couple of months. He said the dark lord was about to get his strong body back and waffled some unintelligible words out of contrast. So Harry went to the school and got his head-master, Dumbledore. They hurried to Viktor and Mr. Crouch but when they got there Viktor had been shot with a stun curse. There was no sign of Mr. Crouch however.
Harry and his friends had been practicing spells and counter-curses for many weeks when the 3.task came. So on the morning of the 3rd task he was quiet calm considering.

He and Cedric went in first and quickly parted when the came to a crossroad. Harry walked his way quiet easily, in matter of fact he hadn’t seen on obstacle yet. He continued to walk when he heard Fleur scream and a red light was shot up. Fleur had surrendered and was out. He met a huge maggot but was able to get past it. Then walked a couple of yards he heard Cedric yell: What the hell are you doing?

Harry ran and saw Viktor standing over Cedric with is wand ready. Then Viktor said: Crucio. Harry was astonished. The Crucio curse, or the pain curse was one of the unforgivable curse and Harry couldn’t believe Viktor wanted to win that much. Harry shot a stun jinx on Viktor. Cedric thanked him and they shot up a red flare to notify the judges to come and get him. Again road splitted and they chose opposite directions. Harry came across a sphinx.
The sphinx was huge and no way was Harry going to take him on. Harry was readying him self to leave when the sphinx began to speak. He told him that he had a riddle and if he could solve it he could cross but if he didn’t he’d attack him. But if remained unanswered he could walk away.
The Triwizardcup shined two hundred yards away from the sphinx and Harry decided to hear the riddle.

´First think of a person, who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies
Next, tell me what’s always last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search of a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss? ´

Harry thought for a minute then he came up with the answer and the sphinx let him trough. As Harry was closing on the cup he saw Cedric coming running from the bushes heading to it. Clearly with his eyes on the cup he didn’t see a huge spider that was guarding it. The spider jumped him and Cedric dropped his wand. Harry ran as fast as he could and shot various jinxes and charms at the spider but it didn’t work to well. The spider was now heading to Harry. He shot a stun jinx at her and at the same moment Cedric had shot a stun as well and the spider was stunned. Cedric was now standing feet’s away from the triwizardcup but Harry was about twenty yards away. Cedric didn’t want to take and told Harry he should take it because he had saved his ass to many times. Harry refused and suggested they would take it both and would both be the winners.
So they both touched it at the same moment. Suddenly they felt as they were pulled into darkness and quickly they lay both on damp grass.
The both drew up their wands. They saw someone standing about 200 yards away. He walked to Cedric and Harry, but they couldn’t see who it was but clearly by the walk it was carrying something.
When they were just six feet away Harry had a terrible pain in his scar, dropped his wand and fell to the ground. Avada Kedavra, he heard and Cedric fell down dead by his side. That thing that Wormsnail was carrying was indeed the dark lord Voltemort. And by using Harry’s blood, Wormsnail’s flesh and his father’s bones he was regenerated.
Finally he shot up the Dark Mark and followers of Voltemort came to him.
Then he forced Harry to a magic-duel with him. The feather in Harry’s wand was built out of the same unicorn as Voltemorts, so when they cursed each other a magical bond came between their wands. Out came the last victims of Voltemort’s wand. First Cedric then the old muggle. After that Harry’s mom came and then his dad. They told him to run for the Triwizardcup, because it was a portkey. Cedric asked him to take his body with him. And on the right moment Harry broke away the bond and ran for the cup. Voltemort shot stun-jinxes after him but he was able to get to the portkey. Harry was suddenly on the middle of campus and was surrendered by people Mad-eye Moody took him away and asked him about his visit with Voltemort. Then headmaster Dumbledore broke up the door of professor’s Moody’s office and jinxed Moody. He was now unconscious. With him was professors Snape and McGonagall. Dumbledore told Snape to get Veritaserum. They gave Moody the Veritaserum and he told them that he was not Moody, but an evil wizard that wanted Voltemort back in power. He told them how he killed Mr. Crouch, his father and also how he chanced the cup to a portkey and that Voltemort was back.
Harry was given 1000 galleons for the winnings. Everyone went home with the Hogwarts express and none was cheerful. They were all worried but Drako he was quiet anxious. Harry had seen Draco’s dad with the death eaters that answered Voltemort’s call.

Characters and Boards at Hogwarts

Harry Potter: He’s 14 years and goes to Hogwarts. He is small and has dark hair that is always tangled. He has a big scar on his forehead that is in the shape of a lightning. He quit smart and has not a lot of difficulties to learn spells and jinxes that they are supposed to.

Ron Weasly: Harry’s best friend. He is 14 years and goes to Hogwarts. He is red headed and is tall. He as a lot of freckles. He is almost always there for Harry.

Hermione Granger: A workaholic student, she has constant worries about exams and reads a lot. She’s a good friend of Ron and Harry and they three always hang around together. She normal height, and has huge front teeth until in this book.

Drako Malfoy: Harry’s archenemy he is tall with blond sleek hear. He’s sneaky and is hated by Harry and his friends.

Dumbledore: The headmaster of Hogwarts an honest man and the most powerful wizard ever lived. He is the only men Voltemort ever feared.

Mad-Eye Moody: Alastor Moody was the most skilled Auror at the times of the war against Voltemort. After he was defeated Moody began seeing enemy’s in everyone and that’s how he got his nickname.

Hagrid: Hagrid is the schools warden. He’s half giant and his huge. He has black hair and likes big animals a little too much.

Voltemort: The wizard that the name of is enough to scare a room full of wizards was defeated when Harry was young. He lost his body but his soul remained. He has the power to infest in the body of others.

Snape: Snape is the potions teacher. Harry’s father and him were quit the enemy’s when going to school. Snape is terrible to Harry.

Grabbe and Goyle: They follow Draco around like dogs they are huge and stupid.

Gryffindor: The board of the brave and courageous

Slytherin: The board of the Power-hungry and ambitious

Rawenclaw: The board of the wise.

Hufflepuff: The board of hard workers.

I think Harry Potter 4; the Goblet of fire is a really good book. It’s exciting and you can’t put it down. The book is very well written and the characters are well explained. The imaginary of the author is unbelievable. This is the forth of seven books. When this is written the fifth book is 8 months old and the next one is being written.

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