The difference.......... Eins og þið sjáið þá er textinn á ensku svo endilega lesið þetta ef þið treystið ykkur til.

The difference between the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book and film.

This semester in English class we have been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After we read the book we watched the film. We saw a lot of difference between the book and the film. In this essay, I´m going to write about the difference between the book and the film.

Main Issue
The best seller Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is brilliant. A brilliant book but the film isn´t. There are many big and little differences between the book and the film. Some of the differences are necessary but others not. Of course, the book is always more detailed and Harry Potter may not be an easy book to film. The setting for the story is at Hogwarts school and by reading we experience a whole school semester which we don´t notice as much in the film. In the book, there are many side stories and characters that seem ridicilous on the “white screen”. For example, Gilderoy Lockhart, a brilliant character. Whom I think is the funniest with Fred and George. It seems to work in the book but not in the film. He mayhave his comic lines and make the audience laugh as well as brilliantly acted by Kenneth Brannagh, but, he gets way too much screen time. He although matters little to the main plot and he just distracts us from the main story.
A hugely important character to the story, Ginny Weasley, is given no attention. The little attention she gets in the book is all gone in the film. One of her biggest scene and the most important in the story is left out in the film. The scene I´m talking about is when she wants to confess to Harry and Ron that she is helping Tom Riddle making the attacks to the “muggleborns” but, then Percy Weasley runs into them and she doesn´t venture to tell them in front of him. This is one of the most important scences in the book because it makes the reader suspicious of Ginny and gives us a clue that she may be helping or is the heir of Slytherin.
One of my favourite scenes in the book is where Ernie MacMillan, an Hufflepuff boy, is talking with his friends about Harry in the library. He is a friend of Justin Finch-Fletchley who thinks that Harry had encouraged the snake to attack Justin in the Duelling Club but in reality, Harry was telling the snake not to attack Justin. Ernie MacMillan is talking about that incident and that Justin is scared to walk through the corridors and doesn´t want to leave the dormitorie because Harry is an parsel tongue like Salazar Slytherin. He thinks that Harry is the heir of Slytherin. Harry who heard this conversation between the students is of course very angry. The reader can feel the anger, unfairness and even doubt that Harry feels. One of the strongest scenes in book and I don´t really understand why they left it out.
The young actors act terrible. Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter is the worst young actor. With his melodramatic expression, just terrible. Ruper Grint has been getting good reviews specially from the audience. I don´t understand that. He´s more overblown than Daniel. Emma Watson acts in a snobbed effusive way. The older actors are fantastic. Maggie Smith is great as Proffesor McGonagall, Alan Rickman amazing as “the evil” Proffesor Snape, Jason Isaacs is marvellous as Lucius Malfoy and Robbie Coltrane wonderful as the gamekeeper Hagrid. Richard Harris sainted does solve his role well but whe can see that he was really tired and that this would be his last days. The best acting performance comes from the Shakespeare actor and director Kenneth Brannagh. He is Gilderoy Lockhart!
I can see how the Warner Brothers company directors market the Harry Potter movies. They obviously decided just to try to appeal to the youngest audience. They spiced the movie a little up, put a little more action scenes like for example the Flying Car scene. The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book is for people of all ages. The film is far from being that. The film is just an children´s movie.

The biggest differnce between the book and the film is the
difference of quality. The book is brilliant, the film is a medium
quality film. The comparison is funny and ridiculous. The third and fourth book are more meant for teenagers and adults than children. I hope the film are going to be that too. I know that the director of the third movie, Alfonso Cuarón (Y tu mamá también), is a very good director. I´m very optimistic that the third film will be much better than the first two. We hope that the third movie will compare better with the third book than the Chamber of Secrets does.