Mig langar alveg voðalega mikið að kunna á bassa, er eitthver hérna sem myndi kannski vilja selja mér eitt stykki svoleiðis, ekkert allt of dýrt?

takk fyrir=)<br><br>The producers would like to thank all the fish who have taken part in this film. We hope that other fish will follow the example of those who have participated, so that, in future, fish all over
the world will live togehter in harmony and understanding, and put aside their petty differences, erase pursuing and eating each other and live for a brighter, better future for all fish, and those who love them.

<i>úr monty python the meaning of life</i>
<p>Ég ætla að labba mig áður en grjótið hnígur mig.
Daddy, don't ever die on a friday! It can seriously damage your health!