Er að selja hér Fender MH 500W haus. Hann er 4 ára gamall , en enn í topp standi.Hann er að fara á allt a 900 dollara á netinu Notaður! er að selja hann á 50.000.- Er opin fyrir fyrir tilboðum en ekki skiptum nema um formagnara sé að ræða. Endilega hafið samband í síma 8998262 eða á netfanginu (
Kv . Rafael

Unleash a brutal guitar assault with one of the most powerful amps on the planet.

Fender's first true metal amp, the Fender MH-500 Metalhead Guitar Amp delivers a whopping 550W into 2 ohms, 400W into 4 ohms. The solid state electronics and heavy-duty flight-case style enclosure make this a roadworthy addition to any rig. The 3-channel preamp offers a studio-pure Clean setting, Tight Drive for the ultimate rock tones and Loose Drive for those bottom-heavy drop tunings. 16 onboard effects, including the new GATE feature for noise-reduction or muting techniques, allow you to craft your heavy tone to hard rock, metal, punk, and beyond. Also has a professional speaker-emulated XLR line out with level control and ground lift. Includes 25 sets of earplugs, so you know it must be loud! Looking for the complete half or full stack? The optional MH-412 cabinets are the perfect choice to give voice to this beast! (See accessory box on this page.)

Fender MH-500 Metalhead Guitar Amp Features:

* 550W @ 2 ohms, 400W @ 4 ohms
* Reliable, maintenance-free solid state circuitry
* 3-channel preamp
* Boost knob allows footswitchable volume boost on any channel
* 16 onboard effects
* 4-button footswitch
* Forced-air fan cooling
* 29-1/4“W x 8-1/2”H x 11"D
* 50 lbs.