Ég les stundum review um gítara og er oft að rekast á eitthvað “intonation” og að fólk sé að lower the strings og ég veit ekki hvað…, hvernig gera þeir það og hvað gerir það. Hvað er þetta inonation.

Hérna er dæmi um einhvern sem var eitthvað að skralla í gítarnum:

My first Custom 24 was perfect/no flaws and didn't have to make any adjustments. This one has a few scatches in the paint on the back that go through to the body. The strings were no where near as low as my first. I was able to lower them all one full turn without getting any fret buzz anywhere. Could possibly go lower but, will probably leave them where they are now. Lowering did not appear to have changed the intonation as I did check but, I will be double checking after another string change. The nylon looking wrap around the pickups have fuzz that is sticking all the way out to the strings so I will have to trim that stuff back.