..you might me a Violator but I'm the Anihilator, A living burning reincarnation of Apsu the Babylionan God! I steped down from the throne leaving the city lost in time just so I can return when man became mad, and now I'm here to put an end to this plague on my world.
Perhaps you should have stayed away from my seven sins, your kind can't even wield the true power of this world, you treat life like a game.. you say money is the root of all evil, how can you cry in vain when it is your own creation crippling your pathetic place in this world of worlds.
Your are not ready for this era I'm about to bring about, ruling this world has made your head spin around, you won't be able to withstand my blows, if my breath won't burn you, my gaze shall leave you trembeling. You should replace your messiah with an effigy of me and I might consider cyphin the life from another world, and leave you here alone hopeless until the time comes again and from my slumber I wake reakin havic on all who whould apose me, I wont leave a bridge standing nor shall your keep escape me, I will fall like rain on you and your men, burning your mind body and soul, leaving nothing left but your slithering form. /nospellcheck
Arnar elí.~