Hef ekki heyrt mikið um þessa gæja en þetta lag er geðveikt, beatið er alveg svakalegt.


[Verse 1 - Memphis Reigns]

Yo I try to unify the moon and sky, useless to try
The lunar eye is soon to cry, soon may die
I choose to rhyme with expressive apology
Empowering the coward things
I often sing and now I think I'm losing ling to disconnection
With all of my imbalance I center it with every action
A passion we once established must now be challenged to salvage
Dismembered the path at end cause I treasure what you remember
Can't measure what lasts forever, now everything like December
Now I watch them slow down forward
In the dome I'm all alone and I can do this on my own
And find the road that leads to home
One love to all my cats that hustle through the times of struggle
But I'm the type of brother that wanna muscle through the puzzle
With the confidence I'm (?) with obstacles that may (?)
I shut my eyes, believe in me, and I can conquer anything

[Verse 2 - Genelec]

Man, all points progressional, swinging in perpetual rhyme
Moving and proving upon time
It's like every next letter measure with deader intentions
Never sever connections with the past days in the book of my life
I'm always reviewing the last page, written in transition
Steadily endeavoring, measuring new position on this one man expedition
Word up, down to my guts and cut through the landscape
No mad pace, I'm reppin (?Heaven?) and shredding the mandate
Wanna lend a helping hand? Then man great
I'm all for it, let's connect and form chorus
Double our force, I've got your back on a stomp through the dark forest
Good looks but watch and mind when I'm currently walking my own line
Sorta searching for some personal time
See, I find it necessary to carry myself alone to the summit
Independent I rise, and independent I plummet
Independent I rise, and independent I plummet

[Verse 3 - Memphis Reigns]

Ayo peace to the fifth letter
Memphis sit back and recollect with under the weather to feel better
Yo, G. (Whatup?)
I think my life is going crazy
(Talk it over man you'll find the answers to you (?) maybe)
I bow decisions that I choose and let God decide the way
And the purpose slash the reason why I'm living today
What is my mission today?
Events have been scribbled and labeled in ways
Confuse you in ways, no escaping the maze
Upon the tablets of the author rewriting tragic ending of saga's
Walk along the rivers to help us in the waters
Snag responsibilities; learn to drop what you're doing
And never worry why the hell you're living life in a such a hurry
By the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second
Not enjoying what I'm saying? You the one who chose to check it
Learn from mirrors, like your image, observe a lesson
Reflect amongst your peers to be respected, (?) or be neglected
I said it, so hence my feelings of the stress have been addressed
Fifth letter, me and you, my damsel calling in distress
(Mother Earth)