smá rímubútur sem ég setti saman í vinnunni í nótt!

livin my live in a rush higher then on cocaine/
tryin to pull the trigger replicatin kurt cobain/
negative images that have been filling my life/
tryin to live in the day but i survive in the night/
crawl in the shades and white turns to pale/
the day is full of colours but all i see i shades of gray/
I find my happiness in liquer and my nirvana in booze/
tryin to embrace the sun but my sun is the moon/
swimming in a pool filled with infected needles/
tryin to make it tryin to be like the beatles/

so long I've tried to be like others/
but this my live so why to bother/
I'm thankful for my live and I thank my mother/
but I don't wanna be like the rest of my brothers/